How Microgaming’s Pachinko Makes Japanese Gaming Globally Accessible

Every year, $200 billion is spent playing Japan’s Pachinko, a vertical pinball slot machine. This is 30x more than what is spent gambling in Las Vegas. 

With over 9000 Pachinko parlours spread throughout the country, it comes as no surprise that many Japanese spend more than half of their leisure time playing the game. It’s an immensely popular activity in the country that inspires mastery through time and dedication. 

Although there was a time that the game was played exclusively offline, it has now been embraced by online casinos.  This has made it gain worldwide popularity. Today, international travellers can play it virtually. 

The Internet version is identical to the ones played in Japanese arcades. For players who are keen to know more about how this game works, this article will give a cursory overview.

What is Digital Pachinko? 

The 93.89% RTP Pachinko slot game known from Japan as a mechanical game was released as a video slot in 2021 by Microgaming and Neko games. The setting is nighttime at Gotokuji Temple in Japan where prizes are hidden behind the good luck Maneki Nekos cat. 

The highest amount a player can win is 5,000x the amount of bet placed.  The maximum wager size is $10 while the minimum is $0.05.The only place someone can play the game in person is in Japan. Otherwise, gamblers outside the country can sample the attraction through the online version.

Pachinko Slot Features 

The game boasts features that provide an immersive experience similar to that experienced by its Japanese audience. The attributes also increase the chances of a player winning big. These are:

  • Free ball – Players are eligible to win up to 5 free balls. This is indicated when a message pops up on the screen. This feature can be equated to free spins. 
  • Wild ball– This feature makes it possible for a player to choose a number that they haven’t selected before. This is to complete a combination that lacks one number.
  • Extra ball– These are 10 extra balls that gamblers can access at any time, either a go or one by one.

The game is available in demo and real money mode. First-time users can practice for free before investing their cash. The game is based on the premise of pinball, with a couple of minor tweaks. The most crucial of these is that free spins are given instead of free balls. 


Pachinko is a very popular game in Japan, mostly played in arcades. But with the coming of the online option, players can access the game from anywhere and at any time. The game is quite exciting to the extent of being addictive. This is more so due to its features.

Emerging victorious in this activity is a mix of luck and skill. It requires expertise for a player to turn the lever and shoot the balls successfully. With a max wager amount of $40, it is appropriate for both casual players and high rollers. 

Pachinko can be accessed both on mobile and PC. What makes this game unique is its hybrid of pinball and slot machine.

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