Where to Get Free Railroad Ties Near You

Learn how to obtain free railroad ties as well as where to find them. In this article, we’ll tell you where to get railroad ties, as well as anything else you need to know.

Railroad ties are wooden support beams that the railroad employs to sustain the track, as their name might imply.

They are occasionally composed of plastic, stone, or even prestressed concrete. If they are made of wood, they are treated in some way to make them live longer outside.

Due to this, a lot of people like to acquire railroad ties for use in their own homes. Railway ties are frequently left close to the track when they are replaced.

They are still legally the railway companies’ property, so they are not free.

Unfortunately, many of the landscaping materials available today are not as long-lasting, and purchasing them can be very expensive. This is why some people prefer railroad ties for their stability and durability.

How Much Do Railroad Ties Cost?

How much will railroad ties cost if you are unsuccessful in your search for free railroad ties nearby? Your location and the market’s availability and demand for them will determine this. Your intended purchase quantity may also persuade the vendor to lower the price per tie.

Expect to spend between $5 to $15 per unit on average.

Who Replaces Railroad Ties?

Maintenance crews of railway companies are typically the ones that are in charge of removing and replacing railroad ties. It is up to them what they do with the materials after that.

They may occasionally store them in their yards or sell them to a nearby contractor, who will then give them to you.

Places To Get Free Railroad Ties

When looking for ways to get free railroad ties, it’s crucial to make sure you’re getting them from a reliable source and have permission from the appropriate parties. Never steal railroad ties without asking beforehand!

Ask The Railway Company

To begin with, you can try asking your neighborhood railroad whether they need the ties in any way. Ask them if they would be willing to sell them if they didn’t. They might be willing to sell or give the ties away for free if they don’t need them.

There is no harm in trying, even though there is no assurance that they will offer it to you for free. They’ll probably give them to you for a fair price if they want to sell the ties, in which case.

Check Online

Searching for railroad ties online is an additional choice. Using this method, you can find some railroad ties for free, but you might also find some at incredibly inexpensive costs. Doing quick Google searches for railroad ties close to me is one method to go about it right now.

Utilizing internet markets like OfferUp, Facebook, and Craiglist is another strategy. If you’re lucky, you might locate someone selling railroad ties on these platforms who will give you a discount.

If you purchase something from a local market, find out from the vendor where the railroad ties were obtained. You shouldn’t purchase stolen products if they were found along the railroad’s edge and taken without authorization.

How to Cut Ties For Railroads

How do you use railroad ties for your DIY projects once you’ve acquired them? Ties are made of incredibly strong materials that are difficult to cut. Cutting requires patience, expertise, and the proper cutting tool.

One of the best instruments you will ever use for these kinds of projects is a chainsaw. Here are the instructions for using a chainsaw to cut railroad ties.

1. Place the Railroad Ties On Two Pieces Of Wood

To cut the railroad tie with the chainsaw smoothly, elevate it between two pieces of wood. At least 3 feet should separate the wood pieces from one another. Additionally, be sure to cut on a flat surface.

2. Wear Safety Gear

Wear protective clothing, such as long pants, safety goggles, long sleeves to shield your arms, and earplugs. Your body will be shielded from chemicals and dust during cutting if you use this equipment.

3. Cut the Ties Steadily

Wear protective clothing, such as long pants, safety goggles, long sleeves to shield your arms, and earplugs. Your body will be shielded from chemicals and dust during cutting if you use this equipment.

Tips to Use When Buying Railroad Ties

Before making an offer to purchase railroad ties, it is a good idea to be aware of a few things depending on how you plan to utilize them.

Here are some recommendations for purchasing railroad ties.

1. Consider Grade

One of the most important things you need to consider is the Grade of the railroad tie. You should rarely buy below a Grade 2 railroad tie if you want to use it aesthetically.

Anything below that is going to have too many imperfections to look nice. More importantly, it means that it has a lot of damage already.

It may have serious dry rot or splitting that will only grow worse with time.

Anything below Grade 2 basically means that its treatments have worn off and its subject to serious decay.

The Grade of the Railroad Tie is among the most crucial factors you should take into account.

If you wish to use a railroad tie artistically, you should almost never acquire one that is below Grade 2.

Anything lower than that will have too many flaws to be attractive. More importantly, it indicates that it has sustained significant prior harm.

There could be severe dry rot or splitting, which will only get worse with time.

Anything with a grade below two has essentially had its treatments worn off and is vulnerable to severe degradation.

2. Age

Another key factor is the tie’s age. Less care is given to it as it gets older. More specifically, the less creosote it contains.

If the creosote is essentially gone, it will deteriorate much more quickly. It will crack and become heavier because water soaks into the wood. The wood will also begin to be infested by pests.

To make sure there is still creosote in the railroad ties, try to purchase more recent ones. 

3. Ease of Access for Pickup

When visiting someone’s home, you should think about the location of the ties and whether you can drive your truck there. 

If you intend to purchase a large quantity of ties, you will need to carry them all the way to your truck.

That work is exhausting. It can be much simpler if you can back your truck up to where the ties are.



Railroad ties can absolutely be obtained for no cost. The best place to find them now is in your local market.

You must act quickly, though, as many other people are hunting for the same stunning railroad ties.

Please have a look at railroad ties for sale and compare prices if you can’t find ties for free or if you need a few more to accomplish a project.

Train cautious when cutting railroad ties for your projects and make sure the source you choose has the right to sell them.

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