New Tech Cat Toilet is a Litter Bit Amazing

For thousands of years, cats lived in the wild and did their business out in the open. 

We bring them inside and expect them to go in a litter box rather than other places in the house. If your cat is peeing and pooping everywhere, it is likely that they do not like their litter box. The fact is that not just all litter boxes are the same. And not all cat parents are equally careful to clean them every day. Fortunately, the pet experts at Choueer have devised a technical solution that minimizes the hassle and meets the needs of both cats and their owners.

Meet ChouBox, engineered for both you and your cat. What is ChouBox? Simply put, it’s the feline potty of the future. We’re talking about an automatic, app smart, self-cleaning litter system that takes the stink and drudgery out of scooping poo for you and keeps your cats happy with a fresh potty place every time.

With the most generous open-air entry on the market, Choubox is inviting and comfortable for different sized cats, from Siamese and Japanese Bobtails to Maine Coons and Norwegian Forest cats. It automatically disposes of all traces of its last user, making it a great choice for multi-cat households, especially where territorial behaviors influence peeing or pooping habits. Up to three household cats can share the ChouBox, eliminating the need for multiple traditional boxes and excess litter. 

While competitors aim for odor control, ChouBox is designed for 100% elimination. Its genius is the vertical drop path that clears away clumped litter nearly twice as fast as its competition. Waste is instantly whisked into a hidden 10 liter sealed chamber. Unlike other models that mask smells with disinfectant sprays or ineffective carbon filters, ChouBox employs an ozone generator and UV light that naturally sanitize and inhibit bacterial growth. The sealed collection box plus sanitation features are so effective, most users go two weeks between cleanings. Just in case you’re tempted to forget about it entirely, the smart app will remind you if the waste drawer is full. 

When ChouBox is ready for its bimonthly litter disposal, the sturdy modular design makes it a snap to disassemble and put together again. ChouBox is composed of high quality polypropylene, chosen for its ease of cleaning and durability. A push of a button dumps unwanted litter, and it’s easy to add fresh litter through the top opening without crouching. All varieties of clumping litter are suitable for use. You won’t have to purchase special litter or switch from your pet’s favorite. The exterior of ChouBox is anti-dust, scratch resistant, and a breeze to care for. With its sleek lines and modern aesthetic, you certainly won’t feel compelled to hide it in the bathroom. 

Cats like their potty places tranquil, free from unexpected noises and surprise movements. ChouBox creates this ambiance by utilizing strategically placed infrared and gravity sensors to precisely detect your pet’s whereabouts. It instantly auto-pauses all functions at any point it senses kitty’s presence. When cleaning, the motor’s noise output is less than 35dB. That’s about as loud as a library whisper, so it won’t disturb you, your family, or your pets during operation. 

If you’re into pet tech and looking for a thoughtfully designed, smart, self-cleaning system that will transform cat care, the ChouBox is a little bit amazing! 

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