Yalda Samadi Wearing Her Crown with Pride

“Stay true to yourself and your vision. Don’t let anyone person’s opinion move you; listen, but be confident.” – Amanda Kahlow

Women have always fought more to be successful, no matter what history they have belonged to. The rise in female education has undoubtedly made women more independent so that they can now stand tall like men and can avail opportunities in nearly everything. Women succeeded earlier when times were tough on them, and they are growing even now when the dynamics have changed so much. Yalda Samadi is an example of a woman who has crossed all bounds to become who she is now. Born on the 22nd of December in 1990, in Tehran, Yalda Samadi is an Iranian pianist who has lived a life dedicated to piano playing. Her diligence is reflected in her numerous achievements, and she wears her crown with great pride. 

Hard work is the Key to Success

“With hard work and effort, you can achieve anything.”- Antoine Griezmann

Nothing can be achieved without hard work because it is the key to one’s success. It is when people give there is when they discover new things. It is essential to understand that success does not come with shortcuts. One has to face challenges, be determined, and be dedicated to being successful. Yalda Samadi is an embodiment of a woman who has worked tirelessly to achieve the position she is in now. Her persistence is reflected in the awards she has won, the educational success she has achieved, and even the great people she has worked with.

A Dedicated, Modern Woman

Yalda Samadi is a hard-working modern woman. Her passion for music is illustrated in all of her achievements.

While it is true that Yalda was born in a family where music was considered great art, her achievements alone stand as a witness of all her hard work. The young pianist learned music with her mother but was also a student of the Maestro Fariborz Lachini when she was just a child. Yalda Samadi’s success is indeed associated with various famous artists such as Chista Gharib, Tigran Mesroupian, and Behrang Shegerfkar, to name just a few.

Yalda Samadi graduated from the University of Applied Science & Technology in Tehran with a Bachelor of Music, Performance Piano. In 2011 she was granted a scholarship for the Master Classes of the Gyorgy Academy in Hungary. The scholarship Yalda earned is proof of her diligence and intellect.

Yalda’s fondness for music can be seen in her performances. For instance, she has entertained audiences in Tehran and Gorgan, where she performed the piano Duet with Shahrdad Rohani. Furthermore, she was also a soloist and piano player of Naser CheshmAzar’s concert conducted by Armin Gheytasi in Tehran, Bandar-e-Anzali, and Shiraz cities. In addition, she was the piano soloist of the University of Applied Science & Technology’s orchestra that Amin Ghaffari conducted. Not only this, but Yalda Samadi also attended Kuwait’s National Festival and Iran’s National Orchestra in 2011. She even played in the 28th Fajr Music Festival with Sharghi Ensemble as the select group.

All of Yalda Samadi’s achievements listed above reflect her consistency and talent. She has proved that success can not be achieved without hard work. The life that Yalda has lived so far is a demonstration of her determination. Another interesting thing about her is that she has worked hard to improve herself and taught music and professional piano lessons at Tehran’s Conservatory. She has also taught in renowned musical institutes such as Ehteshami Academy, Arasbaran, Lachini, and Navaye Shahr Aashoub. Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic has taken place, Samadi has also been teaching piano via online classes. All this illustrates her dedication to her work and shows how she wants to impart her knowledge by teaching others the skills she has achieved from her mother.

She is the director and founder of Yar Academy of Music and Yar Records, with two branches in London and Tehran. All in all, Yalda Samadi is a modern, talented, and confident woman who has set her eyes on the prize and is here to get it!

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