“Find Your Lane” – Justin J. Allen’s Golden Advice to Entrepreneurs

Justin J. Allen is one of those figures you just love to interact with, you know? Whether it is in a meeting, interview, or a less professional setting, Allen comes across as a highly inspiring and uplifting individual, making it a joy to be around him. Which is why we loved talking to him more, recently, discussing the opening of his latest entrepreneurial venture, in the form of the Premier Lounge. We also discussed his previous businesses, and their success, what has guided him in his entrepreneurial career, and what his advice to young entrepreneurs might be.

A little bit of background, Justin J. Allen began his entrepreneurial journey less than ten years ago, in 2013, yet has, in that short time, managed to cement his position as one of the greatest entrepreneurs of our lifetime. His first business, an executive security services (ESS) with his partners, rapidly turned into a multi-million-dollar business, allowing him to turn his eye to other business ideas that were kicking around in his mind, such as DA Method Apparel and DA Method Sports Agency with his partners. These twin businesses focus on providing sports apparel to young athletes (both professionals and amateurs), respectively representing talented sportspeople.

Which brings us to today. When we last saw him, Allen was flying high through a busy schedule, due to his latest release, the executive lounge, Premier Lounge, in the Washington, DC area.

“It’s a bar/lounge where creatives can express themselves in Washington DC through live performances, spoken word, poetry, comedy, and hair shows with the barbershop (Premier Cutz) upstairs,” Allen told us. While the barbershop itself is not opened yet (though that, too, is scheduled to happen soon), Premier Lounge has already proven to be a roaring success with the DC crowd.

As always with Justin J. Allen, it is not just about kicking back and enjoying a beverage at the Premier Lounge. It is also a venue to inspire and promote local artists and creatives. Allen, in his career, has always had a special place in his heart for giving back and repaying the community. With his various businesses, he has sponsored and organized countless Back to School drives, food drives, has donated sports apparel, and offered free workout programs to youth.

Thanks to his impressive success in not one, but several, businesses, Allen rapidly became an inspiration to young entrepreneurs. Indeed, he has always focused and dedicated himself to inspiring young Black men to succeed. Justin J. Allen has always cared about giving back to the community, and encouraging bright ideas which, he says, are what our future as a species relies on.

So naturally, we had to know what his advice would be to young entrepreneurs looking to succeed today.

“Focus on your foundation that you want to specialize in and build on that,” Allen says with a smile. “Find your lane as a business and be the best at that. Start a business that you love, so every morning doesn’t feel like you’re going to work.”

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