The Microcurrent Facelift Trend

Microcurrent devices are all the rage right now because of one simple fact: they offer facelift-quality, professional results at home via technology that delivers non-invasive facial toning. Lifting and toning is made possible with our favorite products from the 7E Wellness line of professional grade microcurrent facial treatment solutions for use at home. This whole movement feels like a step in the right direction toward empowering today’s skincare and beauty enthusiasts to take control of their aesthetic wellness with personal products that are redefining the way we approach anti-aging solutions.

The popular MyoLift Mini pairs perfectly with a variety of mask types that focus on different areas of the face, as well as their new Korean Sheet Mask and their ReStore conductive gel which treats both the muscles and the skin with ingredients that work together to tighten, hydrate and promote glow.

Advances in technology along with diligent devotion to customer satisfaction means that the team at 7E Wellness is continually able to update their suite of offerings. Their most notable portable unit – the QT – is now available as the QT+, which no longer requires smartphone app support so users can enjoy the device on its own and pair it with several different masks, conductive gloves and serums to round out the home pampering experience. We loved the update and the ease of use without being tethered to a connected app.

For you professionals out there, the MyoLift line offers comprehensive treatments that make a strong addition to any licensed esthetician’s arsenal of high-quality options to meet all their clients needs. We love both products, the MyoLift 600 and The MyoLift MD, and appreciate that they operate at higher microamps than the consumer devices. They do require proper licenses for purchase (which 7E Wellness will verify with every sale) and they truly provide a big professional bang considering their consumer-friendly price points.

We found that 7E Wellness has become a leader in microcurrent products and accessory sets that all offer precise, targeted solutions that will make your self-care regimen easier, safer, faster, and better through microcurrent facials and complimentary serums, gels and face masks. To learn more about their exceptional line of high-quality microcurrent products and for all your shopping needs visit their website here.

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