Passive Token: A New Way Of Generating Income Through Real Estate

The future of crypto-currency is here, where you can now invest in digital and physical assets through NFTs. The growing-use of NFTs has brought out creative and entrepreneurial minds alike, creating a digital asset to represent physical assets such as art, music, videos, and now even real estate. 

Passive Token ($PASV) is changing the way we think of cryptocurrency, where you can now have a stake in real estate through digital-currency. 

Real estate can be a great investment opportunity but owning a property can come with a lot of money and responsibilities. Instead, there are other alternatives such as a real estate investment trust (“REIT”) that is owned, operated, and financed by companies and you can invest in only a portion of the project. 

Passive Token works in a similar sense but differs from standard REITs as the token is completely driven by the community. Through cryptocurrency and collectively coming together, individuals can now obtain fractional ownership in specific projects to help generate income. 

Passive Token is a next-level NFT cryptocurrency which is RFI/Governance community driven. It is the first token to be fully compliant, fractional, tokenized ownership of businesses, technologies or assets powered by blockchain. 

Being that the token is community-driven, all decisions and funding are done collectively, and all token holders have an opportunity to grow together. With Passive Token, you can now easily stake in a specific project that can generate income on a monthly basis. 

Different from other investment opportunities, Passive Token offers a potential higher growth rate. As the community joins together, everyone has the opportunity for real-growth and generating passive monthly income without having to do any extra work. 

This is an amazing opportunity for anyone interested in real estate, investments, or interested in increasing their monthly wages without having to do anything. Whether you have familiarity with real estate or not, Passive Token has created a simple, seamless solution for those looking to be a part of the real estate marketplace.

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