TOKIT Omni Cook Makes Waves in the Industry

Technological advancements have permeated every industry. In an era of smart homes, devices and living, smart kitchens are a necessity. The general understanding of this has been costly remodels. TOKIT has stepped in with their intelligent TOKIT Omni Cook as part of the smart kitchen revolution.

TOKIT Omni Cook is a modern multi-functional kitchen appliance. Fitted with 12 functions, the TOKIT Omni Cook is helping you upgrade your kitchen from traditional appliances and have them all in one device. The TOKIT Omni Cook features everything from a grinder, scale, mixer, blender, slow cooker, a total of 21 functions. Its 2.2-litre capacity, enough food for the entire family. Where it would take you an hour to get your hotpot ready, the TOKIT Omni Cook will get it done for you in half the time, the machine automatically reminds you when it’s done cooking, and your meals will always be rich in taste and flavor.

With automated cooking through tailor-made recipes from the cloud, all you need to do is put ingredients in the pot, and the TOKIT Omni Cook will serve your favorite dishes in no time. The time, temperature and cooking process are all set, and the guided system ensures your meals are professional grade when done.

The TOKIT Omni Cook also provides access to a cloud recipe database, guaranteed access to thousands of recipes. With a single tap on the 7-inch screen and a WIFI connection, the TOKIT Omni Cook can whip up your recipe of choice in minutes through the built-in cooking steps; no need to learn or memorize the recipe and steps. All you need to do is select the recipe you want, put the necessary ingredients in the pot and watch the TOKIT Omni Cook magic unfold.

TOKIT Omni Cook has captured industry attention with its cutting-edge design and cooking functions. An induction heating system and a powerful SMR motor complete the smart system. The pre-cleaning mode helps you remove stains at the press of just one key. It first made waves in the industry because of its ability to replace 21 traditional kitchen appliances with just one device. It’s not just the technology that makes it a favorite in many kitchens; its interactive design allows consumers to tweak dishes at the touch of the screen.

The TOKIT Omni Cook has stepped in to solve many consumer problems in the kitchen, making it an industry favorite. Experience a modern kitchen with an intuitive 21-function appliance at an affordable rate. Visit Kickstarter for more information!

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