The platform is here to help everyone safely secure an appointment at your perfect matching beauty salon up with dozens of other services at reviewed stores., a platform that searches to solve one major issue every woman and man in the U.S. has faced at least once. at its core provides a searching platform that allows users to find along several categories, local and nearby reputed stores or companies that provide a determined service. And it does that for free. The site works by displaying a map of a particular location and just showing how many shops are available to take care of your needs in the area. You can filter through categories by price or specific tags and see in a listed fashion every single provider. A real photo about their brand or service, a contact number, and trustworthy real customer’s reviews, that compound into the classic five stars rating system. It is clear, sleek, minimalistic, and easy to use. Each store or service provider even has their own landing page, where they can go in-depth with their service description, working hours and a direct link to their business website.

It seems that living in L.A. and trying to secure a real Beauty Center or Salon is an impossible task. It is not the fact that there are no salons, in fact in what many people call the Vanity City salons are in abundance. But not all of them are either honest or good at their craft. Many customers rightfully complain about going for a certain price and end up paying two or three times more due to unrequested addons. And, if the end service was worth it, at least they will look amazing. But other places barely scratch the minimum quality baseline, hiring inexperienced staff with no preparation whatsoever. So ending up in one of those salons can cause any hairstyle or nails irreversible damage -at least for some time-. We all know that Instagram, Facebook and Google reviews can be bought. In fact they tend to be free, since business owners always request their friends and family to rate as high as possible to build a phony reputation. So, in a nutshell, going to an unvetted salon is an experience with more chances to backfire than going out smoothly.

NiceLocal was built as a solution to this cornerstone issue. Only in the L.A. area there are almost 9 000 beauty salons! With a platform like NiceLocal it will be easier to separate the chaff from the wheat and avoid horrible experiences. For the businesses it is also a great opportunity, they can advertise themselves in a single place that attracts potentially niche customers. It is easier for them to reach their audience and gain new clientele. Then the rest is up to them, if they truly provide professional and high standards services, their image and reputation will take care of itself within NiceLocal. That is how transparent it is!

NiceLocal doesn’t just stop in the beauty category. They currently hold a searchable database of 14 000 000 U.S. stores and companies from different categories: auto services, health & fitness centers, convenience stores, leisure & entertainment, among many others.

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