How to Age-proof your Skin according to renowned Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Cat Begovic

Every one of us wants to knock off aging from our face. While many shift to going under a knife and undergoing transformations to achieve the same, some choose to age well and beautifully by taking care of their skin from an early age.

Dr. Cat Begovic is among female plastic surgeons changing the skincare game without involving invasive cosmetic procedures. While many opt for plastic surgeries for a complete transformation, Dr. Cat suggests why undergoing one isn’t the only option to look young. With over 1.2 million followers on Instagram, Dr. Cat encourages folks to indulge in guilt-free skincare and get confident in one’s own skin. Her passion project MD Glam urges people to start taking care of their skin from an early age to avoid aging and look radiant and young for long.

As the various skincare trends and beauty products fill up our inbox and social media feed, Dr. Cat Begovic, breaks down the steps to get radiant and youthful skin in no time only by using the right products and maintaining a skincare regime.

Protect your skin from the sun.

“Sunscreen has the greatest effect on your skin,” says Dr. Cat. Continuous exposure to UVA beams can lead to photoaging and later cause 80% of premature skin aging. Using a sunblock protects you from premature wrinkling and pigmentation. Dr. Cat recommends MD Glam’s Sunshout Sunscreen SPF 50 as a go-to for youthful skin every day. The Sunshout Sunscreen SPF 50 is enriched with effective broad-spectrum UVA/UVB sun protection that prevents your skin from getting sunburnt, age spots, and rough texture & laxity. If you’re someone who stays out in the sun for long hours, the Sunshout Sunscreen SPF 50 is a no-brainer for relaxed and radiant-looking skin from the sands to the streets. Apply it before you step out for a smooth finish.

Use the Right Skincare Products

“Healthy skin is anything but squeaky clean!” says Dr. Cat. Similar to the gut, the skin also has a unique ecosystem of viruses that impacts skin functions. Keeping it in balance is essential for maintaining a hydrated and sparkling appearance. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, where self-care has become the new normal, Dr. Cat recommends rethinking our skin’s interaction with the environment and using products accordingly. “When buying skincare products, look for ingredients like retinol and antioxidants such as niacinamide, green tea extract, vitamin C, peptides, and alpha hydroxy acids,” suggests Dr. Cat.

Build a Nighttime Skin Routine

“If you want to wake up with glowing skin, then never skip your nighttime routine,” says Dr. Cat. “Your skin absorbs almost 60% of the nutrients at night when compared to daytime, so it’s essential,” says the beauty maven, whose clientele includes top Hollywood celebrities. Start with cleansing your skin. “I prefer the MD GlamDeep Pore Foaming Cleanser. It’s TLC, and pineapple stem powder imbued cleanser which also works as an exfoliating scrub and a clarifying mask when left on the skin for 10-20 minutes.”

“An impressive skincare regime doesn’t have to include several steps or cost you millions, but your skincare should be apt for your skin needs and concerns. Look for great ingredients and the right products for your skin,” Dr. Cat. Lastly, remember that you can’t achieve in a day; being consistent is essential.

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