Samantina Zenon – Tuning into Your Higher Power

Samantina Zenon considers her present success as a social media influencer and artist as the first step in her journey. She believes in dreaming limitlessly, and hopes that one day she will be able to transition from an actress to a director and a producer as well. She wishes to relate authentic stories about the culture that she has experienced, and the inspiration you can find beyond the conflicts in life.

However, reaching this place in life was not easy. Growing up, Samantina Zenon found that the world had already set aside a lot of troubles for her. She was born into a dysfunctional household with episodes of violence, which led to frequent mistreatment at home. It was definitely not a conducive environment for someone with as much determination and zest as her. During this time, she found her feisty spirit being consistently smothered.

However, in the face of such adversity and misfortune, Samantina continued to believe that she alone was the master of her fate. And it was with this inviolable faith that she moved to the USA, and grew into the person her past self would have never been allowed to become. She established herself as an experienced professional, and when the work environment became toxic, she was quick to realize that she would need an even bigger platform to express her big personality.

This is when she turned to the arts, and unleashed her true potential as a theater artist and creative thinker.  Today, she has extended her reach and even authored an incredible self-help book, titled “Joy – The Five Lights – That Clarify Your Best Self, Through the Pain”.

The book talks about driving positive changes in life, and using your pain as a tool to carve the life you have always wanted for yourself. Ms. Samantina Zenon firmly believes in healing one’s own spirit and creating a difference in your own life, before you venture to please the world – and this is clearly expressed through her book.

This zealous visionary has fostered her own growth, and now aims to create a positive impact through her hard-earned wisdom.  As a public speaker, she often tells her audience, “Creating the life you want is up to you. Your life, your power!”

With such noble passions and dreams, we can only hope that Ms. Samantina Zenon meets continuous success all through her life.

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