Why you should buy a certificate & make your site SSL-secured

Do you know how vital SSL certificates are to good website security? The answer is extremely. If you have a website without SSL, you should remedy that ASAP.

SSL certificate use has become more widespread in recent years and with good reason. By installing an SSL on your site, you enable HTTPS, which is the protocol for secure communications over the Internet. When HTTPS is enabled, it fosters an encrypted connection between the website and all its users’ browsers. This means that when a user connects to the website, all data transferred over this connection is rendered unreadable to third parties. Only those at each end of the connection can read the data, protecting users from cyberattacks like man-in-the-middle attacks. 

In terms of better web security, getting an SSL certificate is really a no-brainer.

Having a more secure site not a good enough reason for you to get an SSL certificate? Then here are five more:

  • Web browsers won’t block your site: Most people create websites in order to attract visitors, whether you have a personal blog or an e-commerce store. But what if users can’t access it? In the past couple of years, most web browsers have begun blocking access to sites that don’t have SSL certificates. If users try to visit such a site, they’re usually told that the site is “not secure”. If you value actually having web traffic, an SSL is pivotal.


  • You’ll improve data protection: Are you into GDPR compliance and safeguarding user data? SSL encryption will help with that.
  • You’ll earn user trust: More and more web users are learning the importance of online security and the key trust markers they should look out for when browsing the web. One of those key trust markers is the SSL padlock symbol which is displayed in the address bar of a site with an SSL installed. The sight of this symbol (and not being greeted by a “not secure” message!) immediately puts users at ease and will help them trust your site.
  • You’ll gain customers: An extension of the last point, for online stores, an SSL certificate is so important. For anyone making a purchase online, a website without an SSL is a risky business.
  • You’ll improve SEO: Optimizing your site for SEO comprises myriad factors, and one key factor is having an SSL certificate. Many search engines give ranking preference to sites with SSL over those without.


The takeaway

Today, 72% of all websites use HTTPS, which is a huge increase from the percentage of sites using it just a few years ago. Make sure your site is one of them and buy a certificate today. 

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