These 3 Things Contributed To Jax Fanucci’s Comeback Story

Jax Fanucci is a 28 year old YouTube influencer and entrepreneur based in Dubai. After struggling with anorexia and personal issues for years, she’s made an incredible recovery and is happier than ever. She is now fully focused on growing her YouTube channel that documents her recovery and encourages others to step outside their comfort zone, and also works with her family running the largest kid’s lifestyle program in the entire UAE. Her story is incredible, and she couldn’t have done it without these 7 things:

  • Her Difficult Past

When she was younger, Jax dealt with the messy public divorce of her parents and losses within her family. To cope, she turned to anorexia and extreme exercise, to the point where she would experience memory loss and severe physical injuries as a result of her exercising. This struggle persisted for many years, until the point where Jax was forced to seek medical attention due to her physical condition. Rather than let this keep her down, she prevailed. Now that she’s recovered, Jax is more motivated than ever before to be successful in her career.

  • Making Up For Lost Time

Jax’s battle with anorexia robbed her of nearly 15 years of her life, and she is determined to make up for it by pursuing entrepreneurship with everything she has. Although she’s second guessed herself along the way, she’s decided to go all in on YouTube and developing a lifestyle company with her mother. She knows that she’s destined for great things, and all that stands in her way is her own willingness to take risks. When asked about her future, Jax says she’s “Jumping into the risks and uncertainty of entrepreneurship with both feet in the deep end.” She turned the lowest point of her life from being wheel chair bound, medically unstable to creating a business empire with her mother, a full happy healthy life and a new found excitement for the future

  • Her Support Group

Jax’s family and friends have supported her every step of the way along her road to recovery, and now they’re fully supportive of her ambitions to influence people and create content as a YouTuber. Her mother has encouraged her to step outside her own comfort zone, and has always pushed her to stand up in the face of adversity and keep pushing forward. Now that she’s fully focused on her career, Jax says she’s incredibly motivated to become successful alongside her family and leave a legacy worthy of the history books one day.

Jax has already inspired countless people by documenting her recovery from anorexia on YouTube, and she plans to continue to use her influence to leave a lasting impact on those around her.

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