How Oren B. Segal Raised The Bar and Followed His Dreams

Following the pathway to success is often a long and hard journey. At age 21, Oren Segal has experienced many of life’s successes, and failures, and continues to push himself to this day. Born and raised in New York City, Oren was surrounded by great things to aspire to, and a city to facilitate that growth. Growing up, he realized at a young age that he wanted to leave a positive impact on the world, recalling his many interactions with characters on the subway, constantly thinking about the beautiful and diverse world we live in.

Learning the violin at a young age at the request of his parents lit a spark inside of Oren that remains to this day. He continues to practice and learned that through perseverance and hard work, results will come. Oren eventually led his quartet to showcase with the world-renowned Kronos Quartet, a massive accomplishment for any player, let alone a high schooler.

Following his early success and ongoing journey in the music world, Oren eventually followed his interest in the modeling industry and started modeling clothes for friends and family, eventually finding himself in front of the camera often. This led Oren to launch his own personal brand, which he still continues to manage today. In addition to branching into the modeling and fashion world, he maintains working at a local boutique fitness studio TONE HOUSE, and manages to be a full-time student on top of everything else.

Not following common fashion trends is how Oren stands out from his contemporaries. His advice is to not follow the crowd. Nothing good comes from following a herd of people who also don’t know where they’re going, and I think a lot of people follow into this category whether it be fashion, behavior, or life in general. You always need to be unique and distinguishable. While I’ve seen people and some friends start going the route of buying “streetwear” clothing and wanting to rock the baggy clothing, it made it easier for me to stay on my path and keep doing my thing.

“I was made fun of and picked on as a kid, but didn’t let that stop me from following my dreams,” says Oren. Not letting doubters and trend followers dictate his life and path has allowed Oren to stay true to himself and is one of the reasons why he and his brand stand out today. Through hard work and perseverance, Oren has managed to take the blood, sweat, and tears from playing music and personal fitness into his personal life and continues to grow his brand today.

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