The Many Talents of Elle Ullmann, CEO and Founder of Multiple Big-Figure Companies

Mentorship is a great tool when entering any industry. Having an expert to guide someone as they begin their journey is highly beneficial, especially for entrepreneurs. They get transparent and authentic information from someone who has firsthand experience, rather than reading some notes from a book or watching an informational video.

Elle Ullmann, CEO and founder of multiple businesses is passionate about helping newcomers and offering her support in the form of mentorship. Through her company, MELT Music and Media Agency, Elle teaches influencers, artists, and e-sports players the entertainment industry’s ins and outs and how to scale within it. Growing up, Elle was surrounded by all things music and film, and it’s given her the skills needed to set herself apart from the competition.

Despite her knowledge of entertainment, Elle’s first business venture in 2014 was actually a surf and skate shop called Hashtag Board Co. Soon after, she created another apparel brand, this time for water sports, named RU3 Performance. She has done an exceptional job at growing these companies, and is now able to focus more on her agencies.

On top of her own agency, Elle is in partnership with DJ E-Feezy, who has his own label under RocNation. Together they run SULT Agency, best known for creating the world’s first meta record label. The company does great work with celebrities, and gives their signed artists opportunities to collaborate on big projects.

Elle is an expert in her field, and over the years, she’s been able to help thousands of individuals get their careers started. For more information regarding her agency, head over to, or follow Elle on her Instagram, @ElleUllmann.

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