How Can Modern Brands Gain Notoriety with Conversation Media Marketing?

The buzzword ‘conversation media’ has been around for quite a while. In a simpler context, those cute little icons and symbols that you call emoji’s or the stickers and GIFs that save us plenty of time to type text are all that comes under ‘conversation media.’

Emojis that once started as standard icons had evolved over time to incorporate flags, foods, faces, and even the different skin color options to make it more diverse and inclusive. At the same time, the magic of Gifs is literally undebatable when it comes to adding a perfecto reaction in a conversation. With all this global acceptance of ‘conversation media,’ its prospects for marketing are now endless.  This explains why the forward-headed brands have already jumped onto the bandwagon of ‘conversation media ‘marketing. Fashion experts like Steve Madden and Ralph Lauren have been using snapchat to reach user conversation via conversation media for years.

While social media has been instrumental to creating a reputable brand image, it is now necessary to use ‘conversation media’ marketing if the ‘early birds’ brands need to remain in the business for long. After all, humans love a personal touch, and when it comes to marketing, the modern customer longs for it tremendously.  Gone are the days when marketing was done blindly to target a generic audience. Today’s customer wants to be connected with the content and necessitates a bit of customization to the marketing.

After all, nobody likes evil marketing games, and customers no longer desire to be lured into buying patterns. Consumers are now aware of social media bots following them around the net and they are taking measures like using a VPN to protect their privacy. The 21st century is unique for so many reasons, and one of them is the preference of the clientele to make an informed buying decision that forms a part of their daily lives. And what could serve this purpose better than leveraging the inbound marketing techniques?

The big shot businesses are quick to pick up the cue, exceeding the expectations of modern customers by creating brilliant content that seamlessly goes viral. Now, to compete in the market in order to remain at the top of their game, brands are in dire need to shift their focus on ‘conversation media’ marketing.  Where our communication has evolved, we now need better ways to express ourselves online, necessitating conversation media.

The emergence of conversation media has likewise leveled up the marketing game for the brands. It has created ease, where brands no longer need to exert efforts to reach their audience. All you need to do is put your brand out there and let the customers indulge in the conversation surrounding your brand.

While Millennials and Genzies find memes absolutely entertaining, the brands are now utilizing them in their marketing game. The prime example remains of Netflix, whose social media handles look more like a meme page. In fact, that is exactly how Netflix has managed to become viral, by creating content that is able to be incorporated into the normal, daily conversation and chats.

Taking lessons from the marketing tactics of Netflix, brands can see that it is all about ‘conversation media’ that is empowering them to rule the world of streaming platforms. In recent times, the true essence of marketing is to get involved with the customers on a personal level and what else could be personal than their chats and conversations. Additionally, while making it to your target audience’s personal conversations, brands ultimately gain notoriety and global recognition. A relatable meme knows no geographical boundaries; if your content is relatable to a universal citizen, you are surely doing it on-point.  If you step up a bit, creating marketing content that is humorous, then there is nothing that can get in your way to become a solid market player.

There are various ways brands can use conversation media in their marketing plan. Players like Snapchat, Holler, Bobble AI, and Giphy makes it further easier for brands to incorporate conversation media marketing by creating shareable conversation media content.

In essence, the conversation media marketing is here to stay for a long time; it now depends on the brands to make the most out of it, exploiting its full potential to get the edge they desire for.

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