A story of Inspiration – Mads Kristensen

It takes a certain passion and drive to follow the winding road to success, and nobody knows this better than Mads Kristensen. Born in Viborg, Denmark in 1981, it is easy to see that Mads has lived an action paced life. From motorcycling to heavyweight boxing, Mads Kristensen has learned to drive through the harshest of storms, and to fight for what he believes in. What we don’t often see is the journey to get there, and the trials and tribulations that come with it.

Following a turbulent childhood and teenage years, after his removal from 11 schools, by age 23 Mads Kristensen was riding motorcycles throughout Denmark with the Hell’s Angels. Experiencing a sense of freedom, the scent of leather and tattoos, Mads found a home with this culture, and it showed him that the world is open, and has endless possibilities for him. “Angels in Aarhus, Denmark, always loved the ‘free life’ and riding a motorcycle, so this was my first life adventure,” Mads reminisces.

Riding with the Hell’s Angels would only be the start of Mads Kristensen’s life adventure, as he formally left the organization in 2011 to pursue a life of entrepreneurship. Mads was used to the rocky roads of riding, but was now prepared to face the rocky roads of creating his own empire. Luckily, he had a large network of friends and clients to help him along the way.

Mads currently lives in Flensburg, Germany, and owns and operates multiple businesses, spanning from construction, bars, discos, to hosting fight events. Mads himself gets to fight in the ring, as he is also a heavyweight professional boxer. Apart from these business ventures, Mads also owns one of the largest tattoo parlor chains in the world. Utilizing his network of tattoo enthusiasts, Mads has grown his tattoo business massively, and is currently operating out of Denmark, Sweden, Germany & Spain.

“I always looked up to guys like Tyson , Lennox Lewis, and Roberto Duran,” says Mads. Stepping into the ring as a professional heavyweight boxer makes it clear to us that Mads has been fighting every day towards what he believes in. “My success comes from working my ass off every day and never giving up, and also of course I´m not afraid of jumping into deep waters and swimming with the sharks, in life you have to take chances…” Mads notes.

His story is an inspiration to troubled youth around the world, and Mads hopes to reach as many people as possible in a positive way by donating to charities focusing on the homeless, animal centers, and staying in touch with the troubled youth that reminds him much of his former self.

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