Hamad Al-Yafei: “Being a huge success is pointless if you lack compassion”

The worst, yet sometimes the best place to get a fair win is in a courtroom. However, getting a legal representative that is warm and friendly is a ‘hard nut’ case to crack. Therefore, Mr. Hamad Al- Yafei stands out from all the other lawyers. He has a heart for society.

Al- Yafei is not only a lawyer by profession. He carries his career to the heart. For a lawyer to win his cases, he must understand how to relate well with people from all walks of society. A lawyer that understands ethics well and also the importance of acting and being morally upright is far beyond a great successful one.

So many lawyers out there are only focused on winning cases or just receiving their paycheck. Mr. Hamad sits with his clients to first understand them, relates thoroughly with them, and yet maintains his professional client-lawyer bond. It helps his clients open up to him and fill him in on all that there is to know. As a successful lawyer, he finds the need to fill the gap in getting clients and understanding them. This prestigious lawyer, Al- Yafei enjoys connecting more with his clients.

Al- Yafei advises – find a different approach to getting information from your client as a lawyer and see yourself winning cases and securing a long-term relationship with many clients. Studying law and practicing it is an art only understood by the brave ones. Brevity, however, works well with compassion and brings forth a productive and sane environment. Al- Yafei, guides his clients throughout their cases, giving sober advice to them. In this way, he has worked on plenty of cases and brought victory to the table. When all’s said and done, all a client expects is a victory in their cases but looking at the case from a different point of view, not losing the client’s trust is what matters.

Society keeps changing and adjusting its morals, at times towards the worst and other times for the better. A great lawyer works as a bridge to help the client move from a bad case to a better state of clarity with the assurance of victory.

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