Vaccine Arrival: A New Hope for the US says, Rony Jabour

After struggling for a year, the pandemic is finally meeting an end. This end is signified with a vaccine that has just made its arrival in the United States, a country that was most affected by the pandemic.

People are gradually renewing hope and looking to a world without restrictions and social distance. Families and friends can finally come together and embrace each other.

One of the best news we have heard in a while regarding the pandemic is that the US has already administered its first dose.

On December 14th, 2020, a nurse from Long Island Jewish medical center was one of the first people to receive a vaccine outside of trials.

Rony Jabour Celebrates The Vaccine

With the vaccine spreading a glimmer of hope across the country, Rony Jabour, an expert in the field, celebrates its arrival too.

“It is a great emotion to see the arrival of the vaccine; it renews the hope of an entire world population, in which many still suffer from the great losses they have had. I am very excited, and I hope that this vaccine can be the solution to this problem that plagues humanity today, ”said Rony Jabour.

His Work During The Pandemic

Rony Jabour, master’s in occupational health and safety at the University of Texas, he has dedicated his professional career to controlling the spread of the disease within the united states.

He has more than a decade of experience in occupational safety and health. His dedication to the pandemic highly commendable and inspires new developments all across America,

He started this journey by heading the United Safety Net, the first school in the country to offer training in this segment in Portuguese, English, and Spanish, United Safety Net.

He is also a driving force behind Covid-19 – Prevention, control and sanitation, which partakes his expertise in the field.

His efforts have induced a sign of hope and helped saved thousands of lives during this pandemic. He further commented, “Since the beginning of the pandemic, I realized that the determinations for safety at work would undergo significant changes. For this reason, I sought to train myself with WHO, OSHA, and CDC, with what is most current, to develop training with the new guidelines for this new scenario”, highlights Rony Jabour.

In addition to that, he also covered other essential protocols that concern hygiene, cleaning, online training for different fields of work.

This has helped keep major companies afloat during the pandemic and prevented the unemployment crisis from escalating any further.

Moreover, Jabour focused on reaching students and helping them adapt to the new normal. His area of focus was also partaking in this knowledge within the younger generation.

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