Adam Jablin Is The Creator Of The Hero Project: A New Kind Of Program To Help Those With Emotional And Mental Health Issues To Turn Their Lives Around And Conquer Obstacles In Front Of Them

Adam Jablin is a highly sought after performance and life coach, Recovery Mentor, corporate consultant, and keynote speaker. Through his unique positive energy, compassion, and gift to relate to others, Adam has been able to impact the lives of thousands and lead them towards a more joyful life. He has worked with people from all walks of life including leaders in the fields of healthcare, psychology, entertainment, sports, business, and politics, as well as everyday folks struggling with demons such as alcoholism and addiction, so that they can unleash their inner ‘Superman’. 

Adam runs The Hero Project, the #1 best selling transformational program. This program is tailored to meet the needs of each individual client, so that they can break free from addictions, faulty dependencies, fears, doubt, and anxiety. Adam not only has experience as a businessman, but also went through his own fight with alcoholism – Clean and Sober since July 14th, 2006. Now, he uses his own experiences as an advocate of recovery to help others become the hero of their own life. 

“This felt like a calling. Like I had no choice but to pursue my destiny. I’ve gone through alot of pain to build, develop, and construct the man I am today,” states Adam. 

Recently, Adam partnered with Dr. Robb Kelly, the man who has helped the biggest A-list movie stars, athletes, entertainers and rappers get clean, sober, and rebuild their lives. Adam also started THE HERO 7, a free online course that teaches the 7 principles that he built his own personal wellness on. The program also includes an online community where people can encourage and inspire each other. When setting expectations for his clients, Adam shares:

“My followers and clients can expect to CHANGE from the inside-out. They can expect to get raw. Get real. Get honest. Get accountable. Get healthy, and get WEALTHY! Get fit, mind, body, and soul.”

In addition to running his coaching programs, Adam is a dedicated husband and father who enjoys fitness activities, in fact, Adam is a former bodybuilding champion.  He also sits on the Institutional Review Board at Hanley Center, one of the most successful and highly regarded addiction and recovery treatment programs in the U.S. Hence, through both his personal and professional experience, he has been able to guide others through his coaching program, as well as his #1 best selling book, “Lotsaholic–From A Sick To Sober Superman.” 

“I’m really enjoying watching THE HERO PROJECT & THE HERO 7 grow and evolve. I’m looking forward to more speaking presentations and Podcasts I have in my calendar. All my attention professionally is on my clients,” Adam shares. 

In the following year, Adam aims to help heal more souls. Focusing on people and breaking them free is Adam’s passion, and he is confident that success will come of that. 

Make sure to keep up with Adam’s upcoming projects by following him on Instagram here and visiting his webpage

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