Bad Habits that Ruin Your Skin

Our skin is the largest organ on our body, so it’s important we take care of it the best we can. Daily routines and laziness can sometimes get in the way of keeping your skin healthy and protected, like when we just “forget” to take off our makeup at night. In order to save your skin, here are a few common habits to avoid. 

Not using sunscreen

We’ve all heard the advice to use sunscreen, not only during the summer but all year round. It’s time we took that advice seriously and create a sunscreen routine. It’s recommended you use at minimum SPF 30 broad-spectrum sunblock to decrease sagging, aging, and wrinkles on your skin. Additionally, you should reapply your sunscreen every two hours when you’ll spend the day outside.

Choosing the wrong products

Everyone’s skin type is different, from oily to combination. Many ladies make the mistake of using products that aren’t meant for their skin, which can increase breakouts and unhealthy skin. It is key to educate yourself on your skin type so you can properly select the products to use with the help of beauty product reviews

Not cleaning your makeup brushes

Proper brush cleansing is one step you should never skip. Cleaning your brushes every three weeks should help keep your skin free of bacterial infections and clogged pores. Use a gentle shampoo or soap for cleansing your brushes and let them air dry.

Face to phone contact

Your phone contains tons of bacteria that can easily be transferred to your face and cause breakouts. The friction also created by the skin to phone contact can lead to skin wear. Keep your contact to a minimum or use a headset for times when you have longer called.

Sleep deprivation

Not getting enough sleep is one of the main ways you can destroy your skin. Lack of sleep causes skin to become stressed and can irritate other pre-existing skin conditions. Your body needs sleep to recharge your body and repair your skin from the daily damage endures. 


UVA/UVB light causes extreme stress on skin including skin thickening, speckled-skin, premature aging, and a higher risk for skin cancer. Artificial tanning can affect the skin even more because of the concentrated amount of UVA light that gets emitted on the skin.

Overlooking areas of skin

When taking care of your skin, some of the areas that we forget to protect are the neck and chest. The skin in this area is just as delicate and vulnerable as on your face. Try to spread moisturizer or serum that you use on your face to these areas as well. 

Blacklisting “oil” in your routine

Contrary to popular belief, some oils can actually decrease the oil production and shininess on your face. Essential oils can also keep your skin healthy because they are capable of combating bacteria caused by acne.

Are you guilty of any of these skin-harming habits? Let us know how you keep your skin healthy in the comments below!

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