Boost your Business with Connected Telephony

In business, the need for telephony is growing. Indeed, the nomadism of collaborators and employees is spreading. Customers, for their part, are demanding more efficient service. At the risk of being supplanted by the competition if they do not do so, several companies are adopting connected telephony.

Far from the classic solution, we are now witnessing the rise of telephony over IP (Internet Protocol) also called VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). This mode of communication, which uses the Internet, helps boost business performance.

The Connected Telephone System is a Model of the Future

The speed at which connected telephony is developing suggests a change in business communication habits in the next few years. You just have to look at how organizations are adopting different solutions for hosted telephony in the cloud to realize this and how organizations or business owners need for IP telephony provider services. For example, Centrex Ip is the latest telephone installation in the life of the booming business. The rise of teleworking and the constant need for efficient service by customers are not the only factors driving the migration to IP telephony. The adoption of VoIP is also driven by the obsolescence of conventional telephony in the very near future.

Indeed, the company Orange, supported by the French State, plans the gradual end of the maintenance of traditional telephony of the PSTN network (switched telephone network) from 2021. This will lead to a degradation of the quality of service to the benefit of connected telephony. It’s like MP3s and streaming that replaced CDs, the latter themselves having overtaken the good old vinyls. Things are changing and it is better to keep pace so as not to be left behind by the competition.

With VoIP, the sender’s voice is digitized and transformed into a file (succession of “computer bits”). This digital signal is then transported via the web to the receiver. Obviously, it will again be converted into an analog signal so that it can be heard and understood by the ears. But this whole process happens in a fraction of a second and comes with many benefits.

The Many Additional Services, a Big Advantage for Companies

Thanks to the digitization of data, it is possible to perform computer processing of calls made via connected telephony. As a result, businesses benefit from a significant improvement in the features offered by VoIP. They can for example:

  • Record calls;
  • Intercept calls;
  • Make group calls;
  • Define a personalized voicemail;
  • Obtain call statistics;
  • Divert calls to a mobile;
  • Send voice messages by email;
  • Bring together several remote establishments on the same switchboard.

With IP telephony, it is possible to manage a landline telephone, a mobile terminal, electronic messaging and instant messaging on the same interface. In some cases, the solution even makes it possible to combine videoconferencing, calendar sharing, document services, etc. We are talking about unified communication.

The applications of unified communication are numerous. Some organizations, for example, use “fax to mail” to send and receive faxes by email. Thanks to connected telephony, several companies are increasingly adopting “click to dial”. Concretely, it is a form of communication via the web where a person clicks on a button, a text or an image to immediately connect to a interlocutor in real time by phone call.

Customers and prospects of a company can get in touch directly with the structure by pressing a button on its website. The call can also be initiated from a hyperlink placed in an email, blog post, video or other web-based user interface. It’s convenient, and businesses are getting closer to their customers than ever.

Benefit from the Great Ease of use of the Solution

Connected telephony works thanks to the Internet network. Its users can therefore use it from anywhere in the world connected to the web without having to change their number. Your employees can be contacted on their professional line by customers or IP telephony provider even when they are at home or traveling abroad. This operational performance represents a considerable advantage for companies.

Optimize your Business Performance with Online Telephony

Connected telephony is today a fundamental element that strongly influences the commercial and financial performance of companies. In reality, this solution makes it possible to sell better. Telephone campaigns are better organized and better managed (via Call Centers).

Waiting times are also eliminated and each incoming call is always directed to the right person. Added to this is the integration of commercial software (CRM) or financial software (ERP). The result is an improvement in the customer relationship. And a satisfied customer is a loyal customer who contributes to better sales.

Take Advantage of the Low Cost of using VoIP

Betting on VoIP today is one of the most relevant decisions a business can make. Organizations that do not want to move to IP telephony will be faced with exorbitant costs relating to the use and maintenance of their PBXs. Meanwhile, organizations that embrace connected telephony will benefit from its low cost of ownership.

Indeed, with VoIP, communications are generally free on the Internet. If they are chargeable, the rates are very reduced, whatever the destination of the calls. Likewise, this solution represents a rationalized investment in that the costs of installation, use and maintenance are better controlled.

Thanks to technological innovations, telecom operators also offer attractive offers to businesses. The latter take advantage of this to reduce their investment while benefiting from more services.

In summary, migrating to a connected phone system is almost mandatory for all businesses. This method of communication via the web strengthens the operational, commercial and financial performance of the organizations that adopt it.

In addition to better customer satisfaction and better sales thanks to IP telephony, you reduce your costs, you improve the dynamism of your employees and you stay at the forefront of technology. Basically, you are boosting your business!

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