What Are Some Common Specifications Of The UPS Power Supply?

A UPS power supply offers a battery in an enclosure that has adequate capacity to run the devices plugged into its AC outlets for hours or a few minutes, depending upon your needs and hardware use.

As a result, you are able to keep your internet services active during long power failures, giving you those essential minutes to save work on your desktop computer for your hard drive to perform a proper shutdown. Not doing so can not only result in losing your work but also damage your hard disk.

At the same time, a UPS power supply also acts as a power surge protector that aids your equipment during voltage spikes or other oddities of electrical power supplies, some of which are risky enough to cause potential damage to your sensitive computer equipment.

However, all kinds of UPS power supply units available in the market can confuse one while making a purchase decision. In this article, we will discuss the common specifications of the UPS to help you make an informed choice.

They Provide Uninterruptible Power

As the name suggests, Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) offers continuous power to prevent power-related problems. They were earlier used as a part of network equipment, but their sizes and prices dropped over the years to make it usable at home and small offices.

The UPS power supply is designed in such a way that it kick-starts as soon as the power goes out. It is expected to keep all the devices connected to it running until the power is exhausted. A modern UPS can also notify about the time remaining before the power supply shuts down.

When buying a UPS, you need to look at battery capacity based on its intended purpose. You can buy units as per the various range of battery sizes, longer runtime, and higher capacity battery to support a single UPS. It is advisable to you buy two or more units to cover all the necessary equipment in some cases.

However, do note that the batteries may need replacement, although after a very long time. A UPS may alert you when it needs a battery change either through a sound or through the software running on the computer to which it is connected.

UPS Power Supply In Standby

To cater to consumers and small businesses, there are variants of UPS power supply that comes in standby and line-interactive units. As the name suggests, standby means that the battery is ready for automatic use or on-demand, which may otherwise remain on reserve.

On the other hand, a Line-Interactive version provides power to the inverter through the wall to the connected devices while charging the battery at the same time. It is also helpful in providing conditioned power by smoothing out the fluctuations and switching over to the battery within a few milliseconds.

Between the two, it is advisable to opt for a line-interactive version because of its features and advantages, such as improved battery life that can extend its lifetime. Batteries can be relatively expensive to replace, so keeping them working optimally for a long period can reduce your total cost of ownership. 

However, a UPS’s job is not only to supply power but has offer other benefits, which is where standby and interactive units diverge.

A standby UPS model deals with excess voltage and double up as surge protectors as well. These units direct excess power to the ground, thereby protecting your sensitive electronic equipment. Suppose you are looking for power solutions that can also prevent power sags and undervoltage. In that case, standby models are your best bet.

Before choosing which UPS power supply to purchase, you need to educate yourself about the components discussed above. Similarly, it would help if you also determine your specific needs before selecting an appropriate UPS system. For the same, consulting with a licensed professional seems like a great idea. Professionals can offer you the best-personalized recommendations and can expertly help you learn the different industry standards for safe operations!

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