Meet Ace Connell, a Wildlife Tattooist, who Practices Safe Tattooing to Capture the Life and Movement in his Art

Ace Connell, a creative wildlife tattooist, believes in practicing safe and hygienic tattooing to capture the life and movement in his tattoo art. He creates black and grey wildlife tattoos due to his love for animals and nature. Ace is a co-owner of a tattoo studio, Regenerates Studio, a creatively decorated shop that he runs with Chris Shally.

The wildlife tattooist works hard to improve his art every day and he brings new elements of creativity into it. While tattooing every time, Ace aims to satisfy his clients with his art that lasts for a lifetime. In his tattoo studio, he takes necessary preventive measures to stop blood-borne pathogens and cross-contamination.

Even before the Covid-19 pandemic, Ace Connell was practicing hygienic and safe tattooing. And it has helped him in adapting his tattooing business to the new preventive measures during the Covid-19 phase. Due to his exceptional tattooing skills, Ace is receiving more demand for his artwork.

He is passionate about tattooing and he keeps on improving his artwork by including creative elements. For learning new things, Ace Connell visits art galleries and spends time with animals. He completed his art training and mentorship under Samantha Youssef, an ex-Disney animator.

Ace Connell learns from the works of many skilled tattoo artists and other personalities outside of the tattoo world. He loves the old 2D animators like Milt Kahl, Frank and Ollie, Tex Avery, and Bob Clampett. And he also admires the works of classic American illustrators namely, Norman Rockwell. Click the links below to visit his social media profiles to know about him and see his artwork.

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