Your guide to getting through an accelerated BSN nursing program

Starting an Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (ABSN) Program is exciting as it marks the start of your next career path in nursing! In less than a year, depending on the program, you can be at work providing patient care. It can also feel overwhelming when you think of the fast-paced program. To help you get through it with less stress, use these tips to help you successfully reach the graduation date.

Get the required supplies

Don’t skimp when it comes to getting what you need for school. From paper and pens to a laptop, scrubs, glasses, and stethoscope, there is a lot to consider here. The supplies are both for your ABSN program coursework and for the clinical rotations that form a part of it.

Not only that, but also remember to bring the necessary equipment to clinicals. Otherwise, you risk embarrassment if you’re the only one there who doesn’t have their stethoscope with them.

Regarding scrubs, the school you enroll at will likely send you details about which type to get. For example, they might require white scrub pants. Look for ones with pockets so that they can hold pens, notepads, and other small things that are helpful during clinical rotations. Find shoes too that are comfortable as you will be on your feet a lot; if possible, get ones with good support to help prevent an aching lower back at the end of the day.

Find your preferred study method

While there are many ways to study for tests, not every one of them will be right for you. Choose the one that feels like it’s the most effective for your learning style and fits in with your busy days.

For example, you might like to study alone, while another student prefers a group setting. If you prefer a group environment, try to keep it a small number (under five) so that the discussion is more likely to stay on-topic. If the group isn’t effective for you, then look for a different group or a different study approach altogether.

Also, do you need to review material for several days before the exam or is a quick refresher the day before enough for you to do well? Figure out what gets you the best results and stick with it!

Also, seek out a quiet environment to study, rather than one where kids and other loved ones are continually interrupting you. When there are few distractions, if any at all, you can retain focus on school and moving toward the graduation date.

Go online if that works well for you

Are you a parent of young kids? Are you working and want to keep your current job while going to school? If so, then an online Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program is likely to work well for you.

The online format provides a way for you to continue with responsibilities and still pursue the education that will allow you to pursue a rewarding career in nursing. Study when and where you like, as well as working on projects during the hours that you’re free, rather than having to attend lectures in-person.

The e-learning atmosphere also appeals to those who like to learn in a variety of ways. For example, there are likely to be online discussion forums, online lectures to watch and listen to, and other activities. These opportunities are ones that do not accompany a typical textbook.

If this is your first venture into online learning, then it can be helpful to reach out to your nursing instructors during their office hours. Introduce yourself, ask them for tips for successfully achieving your ABSN degree, and put time aside regularly on your calendar for homework.

Should you do worse than expected on a test, ask the teacher for feedback to help you improve the next time around. An academic advisor can also be helpful when it comes to getting tips for prepping for a test.

Remember what you’re working towards

It’s easy to get defeated with any task, whether it’s receiving a lower grade than expected on a class paper or having trouble remembering how to do certain hands-on techniques properly. If that happens to you during this ABSN program, then remind yourself why you began this journey.

Did you enroll in the nursing program so that you could pursue an opportunity to improve the health outcomes of those who you encounter on the job? Have you been wanting to be a nurse for a long time and now decided to switch careers? That’s wonderful, and now you are on a path to living your dreams!

Don’t let that chance to have a personally-satisfying career slip away from you because you’re not motivated to continue in school. To help stay on track toward the goal of graduating from one of the top accelerated BSN programs, remind yourself of why you’ve begun this educational journey.

Write down a few motivating messages too on sticky notes and put them by your laptop or on the fridge. The point is to put them where you’re going to see the uplifting words regularly to improve your mood and get you back in the student mindset.

Make time for yourself

Now that I’ve explained you need to stay on track with studying and meeting deadlines in school, also give yourself time away from it all to relax. Yes, you can balance the two things!

The reality is that no one can study the whole time and not take a break. Or, if they do, then they are going to feel mentally exhausted by the end of the day.

Instead, take a healthy and balanced approach. At the end of a productive study session, for example, reward yourself with a half-hour walk or a long bath.

Make sure that you are getting enough sleep too. Otherwise, you risk getting burned out as a student, which can put you at risk of not making it to graduation.

Consider taking a day off schoolwork, if possible, now and then. If you can’t do so, then at least take a break for a couple of hours to rest.

If your mood is sluggish yet you must study as the test is coming up, then put on upbeat music. A fast-paced song can lift your spirits and re-energize you. Then, you are ready to start the study session and be productive during it too.

Stay ahead of the projects

When you begin the ABSN program, look at what is expected of you and the accompanying due dates. Given the curriculum’s fast pace, stay ahead of deadlines so that you always have time to complete them.

By doing so, you are less likely to feel overwhelmed and stressed than if you’re continually behind on assignments. This point is particularly true for students who plan to continue to work at the same time.

Get to know nurses in clinicals

While doing the clinical placements that are a part of an Accelerated Bachelor of Nursing program, try to talk with the nurses who already work in the settings where you envision yourself being one day. They can likely give you advice on entering the nursing job field and might even be able to tell you when there are job postings available. 

Help others

By helping others, you are creating positive energy. Those who you help include people with medical problems, yes, but they can also include classmates.

When you assist a person needing help with homework or someone you meet during clinical rounds, you can feel good about yourself. Encourage another person and take pride in being able to make the day better for someone.

Furthermore, when you help someone out, it reminds you that you are not the only one who needs assistance now and then. Only when we encourage others and lift them up can we begin to be our true selves.

Be around encouraging people

To get through the accelerated nursing program involves having those who support you all around, wishing you well and helping you as needed. For example, your mom might offer to take your child for a night so that you can have a quiet study session at home.

The positive influence of your network cannot be overstated. It can raise your mood, keep your motivation high, and help you relax when It’s time for a study break. These loved ones also can encourage you when you’re ready to give up and get you to graduation.

Final words: Using tips that work well for you

By reading the tips now, you can start to use them when your first days in the program begin so that you can have a smooth experience. By understanding what to expect, you improve the chances of doing well.

Find the tips on this list that work for you, and then start to put them into action. Study hard, take time to relax, and learn the necessary skills to not only graduate with flying colors but also to go on to have a fantastic career in nursing!

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