Emigrating to Italy As Freelancers: Tips and Suggestions

Writing a cover letter for a visa application can be as difficult as a cover letter for a college application, or sometimes even tougher. Because at the end of the day, it is a college versus a country that we are talking about. While most people get intimidated by the format of it, and they ponder on what to include and what not to, there might be a teeny question that could arise at the back of your head.

Yes, you, who is a self-employed person in the country of your current residence. You can be a bit intimidated about what to say when it comes to the case of your employment. Because let us be honest for a while, shall we? The employment status plays a major role in the determination of the fact whether you would get a visa or not. And the fact that self-employed persons are somewhat looked down upon is a tough pill that you have to swallow.

What to Write in Your Visa Application Cover Letter?

In such a case, you should know what to write, to make it sound like your self-employment is the best thing that has happened to you. And this is how you can rock it on a visa letter for self employed persons. In case of emigrating to any country (in our case, it is Italy), it is mandatory to apply for a visa in a cover letter. This letter bears your name, address, your passport number and your passport details along with the relationship you share with the people who are travelling with your (if any).

Thus as stated as well in this article with tips for a visa letter for self employed, you can write that you are the director or proprietor or partner of the business you set up, followed by the date of inception of your business or company and define the nature and of the said business. All your passport details need to be in sync with the cover letter that you are writing for your visa approval for Italy.

This should be duly followed by a paragraph stating the necessary expenses of your visit to Italy. Will it be state sponsored? Is it going to be sponsored by you? Is there an organization or company bearing it? In case it is some organization or company that is bearing your expenses, then you have to highlight the kind of company it is, along with all the necessary whereabouts of the company. We would advise you to make it as crystal clear to the necessary office that you are sending it to, and not give them the space to think anything otherwise. You need to specify every small detail of your visit to the country (skip the sightseeing, if you are planning any. They do not need to know of it).

This last paragraph must be followed by an open-ended statement of where to contact you, as well as your current residential address and your phone number or email id, or preferably both. Make sure you do not miss a call from the office of emigration, or it could mean a bit of trouble, in all honesty!

With this, we sign off from the mini tutorial of how to write a cover letter applying for a visa for self employed persons. However, we would strongly advise you to not copy-paste anything from available cover letter templates from the internet, because at the end of the day, even the office of emigration have people working out there, and they would know which one is carefully thought and painstakingly written, and which one is just written down with the use of a template!

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