Rental Scam – during the coronavirus pandemic found several reports in connection to rental scam tactics that have happened recently during the coronavirus pandemic. People who are seeking to get new rental accommodations are the main targets of these scams. They are convinced to obtain personal information or money from the properties that they claim to rent. During the period on the pandemic, they have been offering reduced rents to people and using the restrictions made by the government to trick them into transferring to them money without a client inspection the property at hand.

As found on this website, the scammers usually post advertisements on classified websites or social media so that the targeted people who are interested in real estate can see what they want. After they get a response from someone, the scammers ask for one to pay up an upfront deposit so that they can secure the property. They might also request for personal information by sending you a tenant application form that you will fill then promise to give you the keys of the house after you pay up the cash.

Red Flags

  • Scammers may give you excuses about making more payments.
  • The keys may not arrive; hence you will notice later that this is a scam.
  • The scammers will cut contact with you.
  • The scammers impersonate agents who work in real estate and will organize fake inspections.
  • You may reach the property and discover that it doesn’t exist or someone already occupies the place.
  • The scammers mostly rely on communications via email.

What you need to do

  • As Scam warning, we advise that you should first view the property at hand before you take a step in paying rent or any bond to the agents.
  • Do an online search so that you can confirm each detail about the property and if it exists.
  • Know more information about the real estate agent who you are dealing with and confirm whether they are licensed.
  • You need to take a step and ensure that you speak to the manager of the company and ask that you meet them so that you can verify if they are legit.
  • Avoid accepting the request of paying up more money after you have done the inspection.
  • As you can see here, you shouldn’t give out your information before you are sure about the property and agent information.


If you desire to rent a property in future, you should click here to visit our site for more information about the rights and requirements for tenants so that you avoid falling into a rental scam. You need to know what steps you should take before reaching a decision to rent a property.

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