Experts Share Ways on How to Delete and Edit TikTok Comments

How can you edit a comment on TikTok? Can you delete all written comments, and if so, how does it work in the app on Android or iOS? This could perhaps summarize the questions that one or the other user of the Tik Tok app will ask themselves sooner or later. What options you have here and how you can edit and delete individual comments, we have created a short guide in this article.

Edit and change TikTok comments?

If you want to edit your TikTok comments, you are currently looking in vain for an “edit” function. So far, on TikTok (by the way, as was the case with back then), you cannot change comments that you have already written and posted. If you want to change a comment, you can only edit it by deleting it and typing it again. This can be annoying, especially with longer comments, because you have to retype everything. But don’t worry, because TikTok has a function with which you can copy comments and then paste them again from the clipboard.

Delete TikTok comment

  1. You have to start the TikTok app and call up the post with your own comment.
  2. When you have found your comment, you tap and hold your finger briefly on the entry.
  3. This opens a popup menu in which you can copy but also delete the comment. If it is a longer comment that you do not want to delete but just want to edit, you should copy it beforehand.
  4. The comment is then deleted and cannot be restored.

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TikTok finds your own comments: is that possible?

How can I find my own comments on TikTok? Can you get an overview of the comments you have written yourself, and if so, how does it work in the TikTok app on Android or iOS? If you have been using the Lip Sync app called TikTok for a while, you have probably already watched a few videos, given one or the other like and maybe also left a comment every now and then. If you later want to watch a video again that you know you have liked or commented on, then the question arises, where can I see my own likes and comments?

Does Tik Tok show own comments?

According to our research, there is no overview of all written comments in the current version of the TikTok app. Display your comments in a list, you can watch the videos that were liked. Since you have usually liked a commented video, you can find and display so many of your own comments on TikTok.

You can easily display your own likes via the profile using the following steps.

  1.  Switch to the profile.
  2. When you arrive at the profile, you can see your uploaded videos by default. For the Like display, simply tap on the tab with the heart symbol in the middle.
  3. Here you get a list of the liked clips and can also open them here directly. With luck, you will find your own comments underneath.

We hope this guide will surely help you edit or delete the comments. If you are looking for good comments, you can buy TikTok comments that will increase the engagement ratio in no time.

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