Entertainer ‘J Flex’ Loves to Improve his Craft by Consistently Learning New things

Johnny Lugo, popular as J Flex is doing amazing work in the entertainment industry. The emerging artist loves to compose exceptional music and he also entertains his fans to the fullest. In order to improve his craft, he works consistently by learning new things related to his work.

Born on 10th October 1987 in Salem, Massachusetts, J Flex lived for four years in the Dominican Republic with his family. The multi-lingual personality has a good command in Spanish, English, & Portuguese languages. He developed a strong interest in music since his young age due to his birth in a family with a strong musical background.

His stepfather was one of the greatest merengue singers of all time and this gave J Flex a chanced to visit studios at his very young age. And many of his family members were involved in music and it set a strong foundation for him to compose music during his middle school time.

Apart from music, J Flex also involves himself in entertaining others. He realized his potential as an entertainer when he started receiving a positive response on his social media platforms. He is also a certified personal trainer and nutritionist who works hard to establish his name as an actor.

For this, J Flex works hard and he has even introduced his own brand, “Just Flexing”. He is working hard to make his brand popular at a global level to spread the message of ‘be yourself” to everyone. And he also wants to give all the happiness to his family by achieving success in life. For this, the entertainer tries to learn new things to polish his craft.



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