5 Powerful Ways to Attract New Users: Mobile App User Acquisition

Mobile apps are now becoming a major means to connect to the audience and improve the popularity of any brand. But there is no use of a mobile app if it is not easy to be discovered by users. And for attracting new users to any mobile store, a mobile app owner needs to follow important mobile user acquisition strategies. Following the below-mentioned ways can help attract new users for any mobile app:

App Store Optimization (ASO)

App store optimization (ASO) is an important way that every mobile app owner should use to boost the ranking of his app on app stores. It helps to beat the intense competition and improve the visibility of any app on app stores.

E-Mail Marketing 

Most of the people use their mobile phones to open their emails. So, email marketing is another way to attract visitors on a mobile app and improve its conversion rate. It helps to connect with the users on a personal level to inform them about different updates.

Mobile Advertising 

Mobile advertising is also an effective way to connect with prospective users to promote any mobile app. Using social media ads and Google ads, it is easier to succeed in mobile app user acquisition.

Referrals & Invites

Over 90% of people take referrals from any friend to try any service. Hence, executing a referral program can help to improve the user acquisition model and it lowers the customer acquisition costs significantly.

Demo & Free Trial

Allow users to try the demo version of an app before asking them to pay for its use. It is an excellent way to promote any app and increase its downloads to a great extent.

Following the above five ways can help to generate positive results in the mobile app user acquisition process. One can also follow the Comprehensive Guide For User Acquisition Strategy provided by App Samurai to succeed in this process.

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