How Rapper Kyy Stacks is Creating Her Own Lane in the Industry

Growing up in the challenge that South Bronx, NY provides, has led the artist and rapper Kyy Stacks to a career defined by unique choices. The path she has walked in her young career has set her up for future success. 

The nature of her identity and upbringing have played vital roles in the formation of Kyy Stacks, the artist.  In an interview, she explained, “I have always had people doubting me and bad influences from people in my school and my community. While I was hanging around with these bad influences in my neighborhood, I was suspended in high school for hustling and fighting.”

However, her story does not end there.  Kyy further reveals, “I decided to use my musical talents to create a clean path for my family to get out of poverty and to tell my story at the same time. I had to struggle, and I try to put all that pain I have experienced into my music because I think that other people will relate to it.”  This experience, combined with an apparent musical talent has begun to set Kyy Stacks aside from the competition as she notes, “I feel like I am in my own lane and that the only person I am really in competition with is myself because I am only focused on my music and craft. I do show love to other artists, but as a female artist, my sound is different and unique.”

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