The Lake Nona-based cover band, Latitude28, is Conducting Live Tours in the Drive-Ins and Parking Lots

Music concerts, festivals, and outdoor events—these are usually key indicators that summer is here, but this summer has been different. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has placed a significant amount of restrictions on all live entertainment events.

Even with the constraints, some entertainers have found a way to entertain the masses all while following the rules. Latitude28 Band is undoubtedly a star among the group of innovators. The Lake Nona-based cover band performs hit songs from a diverse array of genres. Even during the pandemic, their talented group of vocalists and musicians are bringing live entertainment back into summer. 

The band has already performed in countries like Holland, the Bahamas, Suriname, Belize, Costa Rica, and Mexico. Now, on their Drive-In and Fireworks Extravaganza Tour, they are taking their concerts across the United States. With the current pandemic, this might seem extremely odd, almost mythical. But the tour was uniquely designed to be COVID friendly. Audiences have the ability to witness big-time live entertainment while maintaining all the necessary social distancing protocols needed to stay safe.

So how does it all work? Well, individual shows are held outdoors in parking lots and drive-in settings under the summer sky. Ticketholders can drive directly to the venue and park in socially distanced areas. But the experience doesn’t stop there. Latitude28 Band has partnered with a world-class production company to bring the complete concert experience to life with pyrotechnics, CO2, fireworks, LED synced screens, and more. According to the band founder Avinash Singh, the feedback on the shows has been extremely positive.

This idea that stemmed from watching churches give outdoor sermons has now propelled Latitude28 Band into the spotlight. The band is booked until 2022 and is also airing its own TV reality show on Amazon Prime.

Don’t miss out when they come to a city near you!

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