How to Plan a Safe Road Trip during Covid-19

A road trip, without a doubt, is probably the safest way to move across towns and cities, in the post-covid19 world. While the rule of thumb still states that you must try staying indoors as much as possible, scaling beyond the monotony is something that’s best addressed upon embarking on productive yet safe road trips. 

However, planning a road trip during COVID-19 requires additional efforts on your part as you need to adhere to several safety norms, including social distance, minimal interactions, and more. Moreover, things aren’t the same anymore, and halting for food or leisure isn’t something that’s encouraged during these challenging times.

Therefore, it is only appropriate to talk about the best strategies for planning a safe yet productive road trip, in the post- covid19 era:

1. Keep Maps Handy

This is definitely not the right time to satiate the wanderlust within and therefore, you must keep the maps handy at all times. If you are headed towards a specific location, there isn’t a scope of error as you wouldn’t be able to converse freely with people and ask for direction. Besides online resources, you should also have paper maps on you, to ensure continuity, in case the smartphone runs out of charge.

2. Maintain Adequate Fuel Supplies

Road trips are supposed to be extensive and you might end up requiring additional fuel reserves for sustaining longer in the concrete wilderness. Despite 24×7 gas stations available on highways, you should keep fuel reserves handy, in case your car or RV is trailing across a remote and inaccessible location.

3. Carry Spares and Tools

While embarking on a sudden road trip, you must prepare yourself for certain inclement situations, related to vehicle maintenance or lack thereof. Although we would always recommend conducting a cohesive car maintenance regime before taking the vehicle out for a trip, it is advisable to carry essentials like engine oil, duct tape, transmission oil, zip-ties, and even additional spark plugs before stepping out

4. Stack in the Covid19- Focussed Supplies

Scenarios have changed and therefore it is important that you stack in the likes of masks and sanitizing wipes before moving out on a trip. State borders are experiencing heavy patrolling and individuals traveling in private and commercial vehicles are being screened and checked for masks. While you wouldn’t need to keep wearing the mask throughout the drive, it is advisable to carry the same along, in case you are being checked or you have to get down for attending to nature’s call.

5. Carry Food Supplies

The pandemic situation isn’t an accommodative one and therefore, you must try and carry food supplies, at least for covering the one-way trip. Having food reserves automatically minimizes human interactions and in case you are in a recreational vehicle, you wouldn’t even need to consider lodging facilities like motels and hostels. 

A road trip during the pandemic isn’t such a bad idea if you are ready to plan well and put in the hard yards when safety, sustainability, and social distancing are concerned.  

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