Carly R Bel Is More Than Just A Pretty Face!

If you’re looking for some inspiration this summer, then model and property investor Carly R Bel should be the first person you follow!

For many people, being a professional model would be the highlight of their life. The pinnacle of their success if you like, but for some people, like Carly, being successful in one field was never going to be enough. No, for this highly motivated young model, there’s much more than just modeling, and she’s proving that though her success in the field of property investment.

Professional modeling was always a steppingstone for Carly. Even at a young age and at the beginning of her modeling career, she realized that there was something bigger and better out there. After all, modeling as a career was only ever going to take her so far. As you get older, modeling becomes less profitable, and you need a career to fall back on.

For Carly, that career was property investment. This bright young woman realized this early and was already making forays into this highly competitive field even as her modeling career started to blow up. Through some smart and educated financial investments, Carly has taken some of the money she made modeling and utilized it as seed money for her property investment portfolio.

It’s encouraging to see someone so young start making such wise investment steps at such an early age. For many people, they’d be focused on partying and living the high life, but for Carly, she always has one eye firmly on the future.

If you would like to catch up with Carly and follow her exciting journey, then you can follow her on Instagram @carlyrbel. She’ll brighten up your day! It’s not every day that you come across such a young person with the drive and passion of Carly.

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