Understand your Visa Type before Applying for Canada Visas

Canada is considered a highly developed country situated in the North American continent right above the United States. It is one of the top ten countries in the world that is safe for travelers and immigrants so the demand of people to travel to Canada has steadily increased. People are willing to move to this part of the world waiting for their visa stamp that will allow them to enter the country.

The Canadian visa gives a person/ persons permission to travel and legally stay there either temporarily or permanently. If one is eligible and fulfills all the requirements mentioned by the Canada government then they are issued the visa for entry. You can check with Emigrate Canada for going through the process of acquiring a Canada visa.

When one receives a visa to Canada it means that the Canadian Consulate or Embassy in their home country has allowed them the entry but it does not mean that the Canadian border and customs will allow the entry. They will evaluate the person and see whether they are fit to enter Canada.

The Canadian Border Services Officer (BSO) will pose questions that will need to be answered correctly before the entry is allowed. If there is any suspicion from their side the visa will be rejected at the entry point and one will be asked to go back to their home country even when they have a Canada visa.

The Canadian Visa is required by the people from countries that do not have a visa exemption or Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) agreement with Canada which is around 148 countries in the world. They need a visa to visit, work, or immigrate to Canada.

There are various types of visas- Visitor visas, Student visas, Work visas, Permanent Residence visas, Business Immigrant visas and Express Entry Program visas. Every visa has different applications and eligibility. One needs to understand their motive behind going to or moving to Canada before they apply for the visa.

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