AdSpy helps Understand Advertising Campaigns to get Better Results

AdSpy is the new tool to help provide comprehensive information on the paid marketing campaigns that run on social media platforms specifically Facebook and Instagram, secretly. It is a tool to do competitive analysis where a brand can determine the strengths and weaknesses of competition so that they can develop a marketing strategy equally well or better.

AdSpy provides a clear advantage of knowing competitors’ worth to develop a better online paid campaign for the self-company. You can get AdSpy free trial to get yourself accustomed with this tool.

Tools like AdSpy discover new market trends and product trends for the user so that they can differentiate between what is currently popular or not with the consumer. One can know the best demographics such as age, gender and country to target for their product to develop an eye-catching advertisement for an online campaign.

Brands can save a lot of money on testing campaigns as they are already aware of what is working or not using AdSpy. They can identify the longest running ads. It will also give a clear idea of the advertisers one is competing with. For the future, the user can create a data base of good performing ads too.

AdSpy can help the brand understand how the market is working, what are the conversations the consumers are having on the comment and review section, which are the untapped markets, as well as the keywords of the industry so that they can get a better understanding of the interests and needs of the target audience.

There are around 150 countries AdSpy can reach, searching among 20 million ads. Thus brands can discover so many untapped markets and collect more ideas for landing pages. They can collect what works at certain times of year in which place, collect ideas for seasonal ads and then target the audience of that specific place.

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