Everything You Need to Know About AirPods Features

If you’re looking to buy a new pair of wireless headphones, the choices can seem overwhelming. You want to stay in your budget, but also make sure you’re purchasing an intuitive and high-quality product.

Apple released its AirPods in 2016. Since then, users have come to see them as one of the top wireless headphones on the market.

But what are some of AirPods features that make them so great?

Keep reading to learn about 7 unique features of AirPods.

1. They Pair Easily 

When using other wireless headphones, you might struggle with getting them to pair the first time. Apple AirPods make the process easy.

All you have to do is open the charging case they come in, and a pop-up will appear on your phone. Tap connect, and that’s it!

Being a part of the Apple ecosystem also means that future connections are easy. When pairing it with your iPhone, it will then automatically be paired with your iPad, Mac, or Apple Watch.

If there is a syncing issue, you might need to do a quick AirPods reset.

2. Change Your AirPods Name

Did you know that you can give your Apple AirPods a name?

If you have only one pair of Airpods, this can be a fun feature. Consider giving it a creative or funny name. But if you have more than one pair, this can be a functional feature. By naming them, you’ll be able to distinguish between your AirPods.

This is also convenient if you live in a household where everyone has a pair. 

To change the name of your AirPods, head to Settings > Bluetooth and then look for your AirPods. Then type whatever name you want. The new name will then sync to other devices on your iCloud.

3. Check Their Battery Using Your iPhone

Wondering how much battery a pair of wireless headphones has left can be annoying. It can also take away from what you’re doing. Luckily, AirPods make it easy to check.

One easy way to find out is to open the charging case when it’s next to your iPhone or iPad. A popup will then appear showing the remaining battery percentage. You can also add a battery widget to the Notification Center.

If you don’t want to have to bother with touching your phone at all, you can also ask Siri. Simply tap an Airpod, then say “battery percentage”. Siri will then tell you how much battery is left.

4. Use One Bud to Save Battery Life

Are you someone who makes a lot of phone calls? AirPods make them easier than ever.

Using AirPods while on the phone will let you do any number of other tasks while talking. Tidy up, continue working, or have a snack, all without the limitation of needing your phone by your side.

If you have an afternoon of phone calls ahead of you, consider using one AirPod. This will give you all the same benefits, but when the battery runs low, you can switch it out with the other fully charged earbud.

Using one headphone can also be a way to share music with someone. Put in one earbud, and have your friend put in the other. Then get ready to jam out together!

5. Talk to Siri

As with any other Apple product, AirPods come equipped with Siri. Using Siri on your AirPods is easy.

AirPods Pro and 2nd generation AirPods will respond to the Hey Siri command. If you have your AirPods in and your iPhone or iPad is in another room, saying “Hey, Siri” will give you access to all of the normal commands.

After you speak to Siri, the volume of what you’re listening to will lower, indicating that Siri is listening. 

You can tell Siri to play a specific song, and can also control the volume of what’s playing. You can also ask to send a message, set a reminder, or set an alarm or timer. 

If you have iOS 13.2 on an iPhone or iPad, you can have Siri read your messages to you through your AirPods. You can then respond using your voice, letting you not have to bother with typing a message out on your phone. 

6. Customize Them 

Some people want to easily skip a song, while others want to control audio volume. Apple AirPods give you control over what tapping your earbuds does. 

While your AirPods are connected to your device, go to Settings > Bluetooth, then tap the “i” by your AirPods name. After that, tap Left or Right to control what tapping each AirPod does. 

One option can launch Siri, which may be useful for 1st generation AirPod users. You can also set it to skip songs, control volume, and pause or play your music.

Decide what will be most convenient for you, then customize them!

7. They Work With Non-Apple Products 

Are you an Android user who wants to enjoy the quality of Apple-made earbuds? Don’t worry, you can!

The AirPods charging case has a button on it. Open the case, then press and hold the button until the light starts to flash. The AirPods will then appear in any Bluetooth settings, whether on an Android, a PC, or a TV.

When using your Apple Airpods with a non-Apple product, you will lose some of the features. Your music won’t pause when you take an earbud out, and some of the intuitive playback controls won’t work either. 

But you’ll still have access to a set of quality wireless headphones!

AirPods Features Set Them Apart 

Whether you’re in the market to buy your first set of AirPods or are looking to upgrade to the recently released AirPods Pro, Airpods features set them apart from other wireless headphones.

Do you have any other reasons to use Apple AirPods? Let us know in a comment below!

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