The Online Marketing Expert, Jakob Hager, has Recently Launched a Campaign Manager education program

Being able to successfully manage digital marketing campaigns has become a crucial part of any company’s success in the 21st century. Big corporations as well as small local companies rely on digital marketing on Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, Bing, LinkedIn, Pinterest and other platforms.

However, most companies still struggle to find the right talent which fits into their own culture, has the necessary experience and is affordable for them. Especially small businesses find it particularly difficult to attract top talent. Paying lots of money to marketing agencies is often not an option, neither a good long-term solution.

Jakob Hager solved this problem in the German speaking area (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) by creating the first online education program that teaches Campaign Management to its participants. Graduates of the program know how to manage Facebook, Instagram, Google and other marketing campaigns in practice and can apply their skills by working independently for various local businesses at the same time. Demand for these graduates is huge.

The founder of the program, Jakob Hager, is an Austrian citizen, who has lived in Moscow, San Francisco and is now based in Dubai since 2017. The entrepreneur grew up around Vienna and got an education as a software engineer. He studied economics in Vienna while also spending some time in Moscow.

While still at university, Jakob started his first company, a remote virtual-assistant service in the German speaking world. However, according to him, he closed the business soon after because he lacked the marketing skills to grow it. The entrepreneur decided to move to San Francisco in order to pick up the necessary skills.

He managed to meet the right people by volunteering at marketing conferences and decided to set his focus on Facebook marketing. After working for several high-profile clients in the United States, he moved back to Vienna and wrote his first book to teach German small business owners how to do online marketing. The book was a success, selling over 35.000 times. In total, Jakob has spent a digital marketing budget of about €50 million for his clients, getting on average a return on advertising spend (ROAS) of 5x (€250 million).

In 2017 Jakob moved to Dubai and has since launched two successful software businesses, Mentortools, which focused on getting online entrepreneurs simple but highly customizable membership areas, and Masterpages, which allows businesses to create websites which are optimized for generating leads.

In addition to that, Jakob has recently launched his Campaign Manager education program, which was immediately in high demand by companies as well as individuals, who want to work as independent campaign managers. This has cemented his position as one of the most successful digital marketing experts in the German speaking world with plans to soon launch his offer also in English.

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