The Independent Music Artist, MobBeatz, is Gaining Immense Popularity due to his Ambient Music

There’s been an influx of less-than memorable indie hip hop in recent months, that which sounded fairly professional but lacked originality or mood, even authenticity. With that, new projects tend to not excite in the way they used to. Fortunately, this is absolutely the exception. MobBeatz more than delivers, and blows expectation out of the water.

Beginning with Heart, MobBeatz brings everything from a mellow, ambient groove, to melody and rap working intermittently; balancing organic instrumental layers with mild electronic beats. An easy-going, subtle ear-worm of a track, which introduces the artist’s smooth vocals and clear love for the art-form in a likable, easy to escape into manner.

Mind Me keeps the organic guitar sound alive and well, feeling like a James Bay remix initially, progressing to become its own thing entirely.

MobBeatz creates a mood with this project, one that beautifully represents the title and this concept of Love Now, Cry Later. While the style is not necessarily innovative, it brings a fresh air of character to a well-loved genre. Think Post Malone, even Lil Peep, but with a crisp, clean and contemporary energy. Quickly MobBeatz’ vocal tone, soundscapes and writing style make themselves known and recognisable.

Own Town injects a little darkness and swagger, a late-night groove with a lyrical simplicity well-suited to the anthem-like hits of late. Effective production sees things fall away and rebuild in an engaging fashion. Hints of The Weeknd meet with that hip hop core and keep confidence driving throughout.

Eclecticism is crucial in an album, and this one gets it just right. Heaven Sent sees introspection and emotion offer a moment of vulnerability, purity and honesty. You get a little closer to the artist here, there’s nothing flashy to hide behind, there’s just truth, and that laid-back, hypnotic musical minimalism embracing it. Another memorable highlight.

Further hints of struggle, personal difficulties and heartache appear throughout the album. Drug use and relationship troubles walk hand in hand with a clearly uncertain view of the world and the future.

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