Mel G: The rising fitness expert making her name synonymous to success with also dedicating herself to women empowerment.

Mel G is a fitness entrepreneur who has been working to change people’s lives through fitness and also by moulding their mindsets for the better.

The one thing that as individuals, we have always run away from and have given the maximum excuses for is hands down going to the gym or working out. Ever wondered what is that thing that really keeps us away from this amazing fitness journey of ours which we can carve with the help of great fitness experts and mentors? Well, reasons could be different for different people; it could be umpteen or not even one. However, what we fail to realize in all of this is that health and fitness is a subject that people must give priority to and aim to remain fit all their lives by taking the necessary steps in making that fitness journey all worth it. Helping people through their fitness journeys is one rising woman fitness mentor and entrepreneur, Mel G. This gorgeous woman with her chiseled physique is gaining momentum each passing day with the kind of influence she has on her audience and the kind of products and fitness solutions she offers them.

What’s amazing about this fitness freak is that her dedication and her perseverance towards her work as a fitness mentor, expert and entrepreneur is beyond excellence and still she looks out for ways she can better her fitness craft.

The entire world currently is facing the wrath of a global health pandemic which has quarantined people, making them feel drained emotionally and mentally affecting their physical health as well. Focusing on this issue more, Mel G wants to make a difference for all the women out there who have been tied up in this entire negative bubble of the pandemic. Mel G is leading a new and unique movement for women empowerment during the quarantine to spread positivity amongst them. She has made it her mission to transform women’s lives through fitness, not just physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. Mel G has made it a point to mentor thousands of them so that they take the first step towards making an effort for becoming better versions of themselves.

Mel G initially started her career as a writer in the music industry, a few years later; she realized her true calling in the fitness industry. She fell in love with fitness and training gave her an adrenaline rush. Understanding her passion and working for the same consistently with all the perseverance and dedication, made her reach the position she is at today. Since then, her platforms have been growing from transformations, products, ebooks, etc. She created a brand named Fit-Esteem, where fitness meets mindset and also helps in empowering women with self-confidence. They have also toured different cities impacting people with mindset boot camps.

Mel G already has two top-selling Ebooks to her credit and currently, a book is also on its way. She is a self-made entrepreneur who started with zero dollars and reached the highest realms of success. This women fitness entrepreneur has dedicated her life to women empowerment, helping them change their lives for the better through fitness and mindset.

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