London Tech Start-Up Introduces Some New Ways to Promote Music on Spotify

It’s always great news to cut on a promotional budget while easily creating adverts without having to waste a lot of time doing it. Tuneer, a music startup, is now helping with Spotify promotion services in an exciting organic way. The startup has introduced novel native advert formats that make Spotify music promotion very easy. Tuneer has been actively involved in expansion and development of unique suite of tools users can utilize with ease available within its platform.

Promote Spotify in a Wholly New Way with Tuneer

Whether it’s through technological tools or the web it’s clear the way people access and produce music has changed. Right from mere production to perfecting songs and distributing them, the huge dependence on advertising companies, music productions and mix specialists to commercial studios has since reduced.

Lots of easy to use programs are being released almost all the time allowing many artists to do virtually everything, from music writing, creation, production to providing top quality and commercially viable music right on their computer at home.

In addition, all the different music streaming services help with the distribution of the digital content. This ensures people everywhere get to listen to your music wherever they are, the way they want. Even the mere creation of the most exquisite music covers can be done with free to premium graphic tools on the internet, lowering promotional budgets in a huge way.

Tuneer seeks to continue easing, quickening and streamlining the process of music promotional even more. The promotional startup for music seeks to motivate artists to create quality and more music, including diverse music labels out there through the promotion of their music on the web.   

Tuneer avails lots of improved self-serve application tools that indie music makers and artists can use to create ads with specialized options for genre-targeting. As a result, promoting music online to the right people and fans is highly improved expanding reach significantly.

No Wastage of Promotional Resources

Tuneer makes sure your resources aren’t wasted by shooting in the dark with all manner of promotional strategies that hardly work. Coming up with ad campaigns to promote your music isn’t enough. Essentially, an effective promotional campaign needs measuring and monitoring to ascertain if it’s working. Otherwise, you’ll probably lose money and burn a lot of time and effort.

Luckily, Tuneer currently offer a solution for this through unique tools that help users produce marketing campaigns and measure their effectiveness. With the solution, you can, like thousands out there, begin promoting, marketing and analyzing results efficiently within the same platform. 

Tuneer Music Smart Links Connecting Fans and Music Makers

In 2018, Tuneer brought in a smart linking innovation that has made a lot of difference. The innovation includes hosting Smart music URLs and landing pages in their hundreds for music makers from around the world.

Smart URL is a unique Smart Link reliable and convenient tool allowing individuals to come up with the short links/URLs they need to promote and share all manner of leads. In the process, users don’t have to keep creating different links for every platform or product.

It means a mere music label or music maker can share music album or song with different outlets using just a short, smart and likable link also sharable easily on social networking sites. Creating better relationships with fans and different kinds of audiences is thus easier leveraging on one of the most efficient ways of marketing music. 

Smart URLs ease the process of promoting music on Spotify with free access to smart URLs/links, analytics and innovatively designed landing pages. With the business model, Tuneer eases the process of targeted ads through music categories/genres and the streaming platform of choice by making small suggestions that appear on the landing page.

Tuneer’s ‘Music Bot’ and Ad Sharing

Right of the bat, Tuneer seeks to help people find the music they want online easily. Even better, the innovative startup keeps on growing as a powerful and reliable music sharing platform for fans. As such, Tuneer has introduced a chatbot app for Facebook Messenger and Telegram known as Music Bot, which offers a range of services including music news, lyrics, music discovery tools and indie music downloads.

While people might not to be interested in sharing adverts in Social networking sites, they’re likely to do that in Music Bot. Currently, monitored users in Music Bot have been found to appreciate songs and artists through the sharing of the “advert” to help family, friends and others interact easily with the content.

Harnessing the Power of Online Community and Co-marketing

If there’s an effective way of building interest on something, including brands, it’s the use of web-based communities. Most Fortune 500 companies have been using online communities as a marketing technique for years. Every music maker out there can harness and broaden it actively by bringing together music labels, music artists and audience. Unbelievably, Tuneer now offer an application that makes this a reality!

The web app by the Music startup allows music artists to make the most of social media co-marketing benefits to grow their name, product and brand. The online application also comes with a feedback exchange facility for artists to provide help and advice to the    community and like-minded members.

Towards effective Spotify promotion, Tuneer has introduced premium placements with advantages. Through the paid service, an artist will see their music playing quicker and even grow the number of followers and fans while receiving as much constructive feedback from members as possible.

Top-notch Analytics for Music Promotion

Tuneer offers an intuitive dashboard to every user offering, among others, the most     advanced analytical metrics out there. It means any artist out there can monitor lots of things, such as clicks, ad costs and promotional effectiveness, campaign performance and remaining duration, current saves, CTA (click-through rate), impressions, among others.

Marketing music on Spotify through an intuitive platform that offers so much mean indie music makers, labels and artists can continue producing quality music and promote it efficiently whenever they’re ready. 

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