Florida Dermatology Clinics Report CoronaVirus Rash & Red Toes Symptoms

Doctors are seeing an increase in skin problems

COVID-19 patients have recently been reporting unidentified rashes, which dermatologists and doctors are now considering a new symptom that could point to potential infection. Coronavirus rash is what many doctors are calling these new skin outbreaks, and Coronavirus toes are becoming increasingly prominent in infected individuals. 

Florida is a Coronavirus Hotspot

Florida has had an extremely high number of deaths since the declaration of the virus as a pandemic. As the beaches have opened back up, Florida residents and out-of-state travelers have flocked to the beaches after their vacations and spring breaks were canceled. This may contribute to a spike in the number of cases and fatalities seen in the state of Florida. The state reported 650 new cases on June 1, 2020, alone. Now, doctors are having to deal with Coronavirus rash as another obstacle to overcome.

Dermatologists Report Coronavirus Rash

While these rashes are not one of the common symptoms listed by the CDC ( see here ), many doctors are now reporting at least five different types of skin conditions as potential signs as infection. These rashes can vary from purple vein-like markings under the skin to full-blown open blisters, which can be extremely painful. Coronavirus toes are one particular symptom that many have recently reported. It manifests as bright red markings on the toes and feet. Many of these rashes are being assumed to be related to COVID-19 since the cause of the skin problems cannot be identified elsewhere. For individuals who are infected but show no signs or symptoms, skin problems could be the only sign of the disease. 

Regardless of the cause of the bumps, rashes or blisters, dermatologists are providing information online to help people clear up their skin. Some believe that medications prescribed for the Coronavirus could be the cause of outbreaks on the skin, but that is still unclear. There are ointments, creams, and medications that can be prescribed to help bring fast relief. 

What to do with These New Symptoms

Patients who experience new skin conditions might receive the best treatment if they visit a dermatologist. In Florida, they are suiting up to handle a growing number of skin problems related to the Coronavirus. Dermatologists across America are working toward finding a way to provide relief to infected members of the population who experience painful skin problems. Yet, there is no research currently showing why the virus would cause a wide array of symptoms that people are experiencing.

Individuals are advised to reach out to their dermatologist or doctor if they begin to develop Coronavirus toes or a Coronavirus rash, which could point to an infection. Florida residents should get a consultation with an Orlando dermatologist like Dr. Amy Witt (phone: 1(407) – 839 – 2020 ) if they experience skin conditions that they think could be related to COVID-19. If experienced alongside other symptoms, individuals should seek medical care immediately. 

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