The Videe0 Digital Platform is helping Black and Brown Americans Protect their Freedom of Speech

Videe0 was launched with a motive to help black and brown Americans express their thoughts, feelings and opinions by posting their videos. Videe0 users reserve the right of freedom of speech to share their views on any topic.

The digital platform Videe0, consists of an online video sharing website and a video editing mobile app. Through the website, users can upload their content, like as well as comment on other user generated content. The videe0 editor app grants users the ability to edit and add special effects to produce a professional video.

There are diverse genres available to post content on different topics. Millions of people are using the videe0 digital platform for uploading and sharing funny as well as fight videos.

Its is documented through google analytics that thousands of people are using videe0 and it aims to prevent censorship of expression as well as the marginalization of race. Videe0 is a 100% black owned & operated social media platform exclusively for Black America. The missions is to prevent censorship and marginalization of Minorities.

Millions of users are now producing funny and fight videos on this digital platform to express their thoughts on diverse topics.

In addition to this, they are now sharing, liking, and commenting on different videos available on videe0. Judging by the growing daily user base, black America is embracing the concept of this digital platform that allows “Expression without Consequence”.


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