An Entertainment-Packed Hub, Helping Businesses to Grow – Yooflix is Revolutionizing the World of Video Streaming

For decades, video streaming platforms have been keeping people entertained. Starting from Youtube, Hulu, to Netflix. Video streaming is one of the most frequently chosen ways to relax and kill time. However, there is another video streaming platform that is about to change the meaning of it. Launched in April 2020, this video streaming platform is not only providing the highest quality of entertainment to the viewers but is also set on launching some amazing tools that will help small businesses grow.

While all video streaming service providers offer features of uploading, sharing, subscribing, and commenting on the video, this platform is bringing an added form of convenience towards people. Gautam Patel, the CEO of XENNEO and founder of Yooflix, is a tech entrepreneur who has identified several ways a video streaming service can benefit startups, aspiring video makers, and young fashion designers to extend the reach of their products and services.

An Entertainment Hub Providing Growth Opportunities to Businesses

Yooflix has its headquarters in Pune, India, and was founded by Gautam Patel. He chose the perfect time to launch his service. During the quarantined life, when people are bored of using YouTube and are done watching each and every movie and series on Netflix, Gautam decided to launch his entertainment hub.

The feature-laden video streaming platform does not only combine the top features all other video streaming services but also brings in a unique set of functionalities. First is the ‘live feature.’ While all social media platforms offer this feature, Yooflix is the first to embed this functionality into his video streaming platform.

Today the world is rapidly moving towards an approach that combines phygital experiences with citizen journalism. Companies can organize ‘live’ virtual events during a time when the countries are in strict lockdowns. They can also live stream their events and engage a wider audience to their event. Moreover, the feature of sharing allows them to spread the word about their events, services, or products across the globe.

There are two other features that Yooflix will be launching soon. Even these features will serve as powerful tools for businesses. The platform will soon launch a feature that will allow custom integrations with all the creative tools the users are already skilled to use, including Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Google Drive, and Dropbox.

Moreover, young and aspiring fashion designers can boost their business. The company is set to launch a feature that will allow viewers to purchase the clothes and accessories the actors in a video are wearing. Small-scale fashion designers can create small web-series and promote their clothing lines. It will not only help them make a name in the industry but also help them boost their sales. These business owners will also enjoy an increased number of opportunities to excel in their field.

When a user tries to upload their videos on platforms such as YouTube, they have to complete several stressful steps. With Yooflix, everything is simple. From uploading a video to controlling who sees them is easy and convenient. Young and aspiring video makers can upload their work on Yooflix and earn recognition in the market.

A Video Streaming Service Expected to Become a Top Competitor in the Market

There are a plethora of different options in the world when it comes to watching videos to pass the time, but Yooflix is a new platform that is gaining global attention. It is a video streaming platform that offers a variety of different features such as easy uploading, sharing, and much more.

While YouTube is a free platform and people can stream videos without paying, it does not offer a wide variety of shows or movies. More, much of the movies uploaded on YouTube are broken into several parts which can take the fun out of the entire idea. Coming to Netflix, while this platform offers a free one-month trial version, a user who likes the services has to pay a subscription fee after the trial ends to enjoy video streaming.

Yooflix, on the other hand, eliminates the need to pay a subscription fee for those who want to enjoy video streaming for free. Users can enjoy video streaming without paying any charges. To make up for this, they have to watch ads before and in-between their video. In addition to this, whether a user is watching videos for free or has a paid subscription to Yooflix, there is no difference in the quality. All users can enjoy HD-quality videos.

Gautam Patel is planning to expand his network and is planning to open offices in Gurgaon and Mumbai. He will use these offices to train semiprofessionals to create 50,000 channels within one year of its operations in India. Moreover, Yooflix is also working on releasing its original series for the viewers. It is how rapidly Yooflix is growing while providing amazing opportunities to businesses and allowing viewers to enjoy top-quality video streaming!

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