Andreas Matuska recalls his days of struggle before he became one of the top network marketers

Every individual at some point has gone through a dilemma of choosing the right career. It is the most common confusion every person has. Like everybody, even Andreas Matuska had wavering thoughts about his future. Despite being excellent in scoring grades, he had a lot of ambitions in life. The intellectual mind diverted his attention in doing something creative and got into network marketing. With his outstanding marketing skills, he made his place among the top 20 network marketers of the world. Today Andreas is an international speaker, trainer and coach and an investor.

With his expertise, he has helped many students generate a 6-figure income. It all started in his teenage. Andreas had humble beginnings and while he was 15, he started working as a worker. It did not satisfy him and created a lot of problems at his home. “I had to work because of certain circumstances but I was never happy with it. Somehow I managed to work, and two years later; I came across a video on YouTube which showed how millionaires work smart instead of working hard”, said Andreas. Well, that video motivated him to start a business on Instagram.

With his expertise in digital marketing, Matuska managed social media pages of brands and also helped the businessmen to build a stronger online presence.  However, even that was time-consuming which required a lot of hard work. While he turned 18, the digital geek started working as a network marketer in a product company. In the initial 3 years, Andreas did not get the paycheck beyond €200. But with time, his clientele expanded and he started his own online brand. “There was a time when nobody attended my meetings but today hundreds of people grace my business meetings. It is good to see the positive growth in my work”, said the entrepreneur.

The business brought a positive output and in 2016, Andreas Matuska went on to create 6-figure income. Many people have been inspired by his work and today he has got more than 100,000 marketers spread across 50 countries. Besides this, he is also a great orator and has given a speech amidst 30,000 people in attendance. From his earnings, Andreas Matuska has been actively doing charities for the betterment of society. Many of his team members are also associated with him in the charitable works. We hope that the 24-year old marketer continues with his contribution to empowering and educating people.

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