Ultraviolet Rays might be a Replacement to Hand Sanitizers

Among the many problems raised by the Coronavirus Pandemic, one is the shortage of hand sanitizers. The virus is killed by using a hand sanitizer or by using an alcohol rub. But the demand of these sanitizers is huge. There has been a pressing need to search for alternatives to meet the demands.

The Use of Ultraviolet rays for killing viruses is also picking up. According to The International Ultraviolet Association this method has been in use for the last forty years. It is borrowed from how natural Ultra Violet rays in the sun kill viruses. UV light sanitizer has been in use to disinfect household items like water bottles and also work well for electronics.

There is a specific type of UV light used in such cleaning lamps. There are three types of UV rays that are classified as A, B and C. The UV C is the one which is used in such lamps and it is man made light. In natural form UV C does not come from the sun as it gets absorbed in the atmosphere.

The UV light filter lamps have been successful in killing other forms of Coronavirus such as MERS and SARS. It has reinstated the belief that this Novel Coronavirus could also be killed by these UV lights. If this works then the use of such lamps in commercial and residential areas will see a surge. The advantages of UV filters over liquid disinfectants are many. One of the advantages is that electronics don’t have to be wet again and again for wiping.

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