Cyber Boy Corp. to Begin Providing Cyber Security Services in 2022

Cyber Boy Corp is a new cyber security company that was established in March this year in Beverly Hills, California. However, the company is currently doing business through its affiliates. But it will start opening its doors to customers in 2022. Cyber Boy completely owns the company.

Cyber Boy does not have a cybersecurity degree yet, but the reason they started opening the business up was because of branding and advertising. The company is following the footsteps of Disneyland. It first premiered in the ABC’s network. Walt Disney would take every chance he got in every episode to market, brand, and share his imagination.

Now, the Walt Disney Company owns the ABC studio. The owner of the company, Cyber Boy, is a massive believer of faith and hard work. He believes that the more your work towards your success, you will receive it. Moreover, he also has a strong religious belief that drives him closer to God.

When asked whether his religious faith hinders him from pursuing business Cyber Boy said that Matthew 25:14–30 talks about the parable of talents. One must use their talents and invest in it. He is a real fan of Joel Osteen, the famous preacher.

Whatever Cyber Boy has built, he has made with his sweat and hard work. He did not seek any investment or loan, but he worked day and night and saved. That’s how he created this business, which he wholly owns.

Cyber Boy banded up with Dr. Elena Porter, shared the idea, and started cybersecurity services. Even though it will be a while before Cyber Boy receives a degree in Information Technology, the company is still doing the groundwork for the future.

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