Enrique Enn makes ‘Luxurious’ Art

Street artist Enrique Enn from Venezuela who has made Miami his home to make and sell his art, has made quite a name for himself by becoming an entrepreneur in the design industry. He has been working with major brands and artists like Bad Bunny, DJ Luian, and Tito el Bambino selling his paintings at $10,000 till $30,000. He is now a self-made graphic designer, illustrator, video editor, and 3D modeler, though graffiti art remains his passion.

Luxury vehicles are characterized by the degree of notoriety they bring. The cars have high level of comfort, ride smooth, are excellent to drive and high level of technology is employed to build the car. The infotainment hold prime importance and so is the connectivity system to make the car a mobile office.

The luxury cars are laced with latest technology, comfort amenities and artwork. Artists like Enn work on them to bring forth a car that is collector’s dream. The cars serve as status symbol for the owners with smooth revving engines, road absorbing suspension and built in refrigerators. The makers make the riders dream come true with every model.

Art business magazines and articles have pictures of the cars with the innovative art and design on it. The serious collectors recognize the best art to buy. Some new or naive artist might overprice their art but the collectors know what to buy and at what price. There are art business books that cover the art marketing and give the opinions of the experts on how to price an artwork.

Enrique Enn is supposed to be an artist who has his paintings being sold in good amount on his website and his art depicts art and luxury in equal amounts. Enn uses neon colors in his art to stand out and there is an interference of luxurious cars like Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, and McLaren adding modernized taste to his classic collection. He also has an upcoming art exhibition for Miami Art Basel 2020, for which many people are eagerly looking forward to.

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