Foxx Life Sciences have taken Carboy Innovation to Another Level

Carboys are essential lab equipment. It is mostly used for storing chemicals and liquids in the lab. However, a traditional carboy can roll over the laboratory desk and create havoc.

But Foxx Life Sciences have taken Carboys innovation to another level. They have worked hard on the innovative manufacturing of the Carboys. Fox Life Sciences have focused on creating Carboys that lend greater functionality to the lab equipment.

They have a range of sizes, starting from 2.5 liters (.5 gallons) to 75 liters (20 gallons). Other than adding to the variety of sizes, they also created Carboys from various materials. Along with the traditional glass and PETG, they also manufacture PP (polypropylene), HDPE (high-density polyethylene resin), and PC (polycarbonate).

The Carboys are manufactured in ISO 7 clean rooms. Fox Life Sciences’ laboratory and bioprocess carboys are BPA-free and made from USP Class VI and FDA grade materials. It is also gamma sterilized in the United States.

Fox Life Sciences changed the shape of Carboys. Instead of the cylindrical Carboys, they created rectangular Carboys. It adds valuable lab and bench space, allowing easy stacking and storage. Moreover, cylindrical carboys can roll over and spill the liquids, but rectangular Carboys do no such thing.

They also added ergonomic handles to the Carboys, which allows easy maneuverability and transportation. It means safer pouring and better handling of liquids. There are also molded grips in the base of the Carboys, which make lifting effortless.

Carboys from Fox Life Sciences have wider necks, which makes cleaning easier, and fluid transfer better. These Carboys also have a spigot that follows the Versa Barb technology.

Fox Life Sciences has added many extra features to Carboys to make them highly functional and safe. They have taken the simplest of lab equipment and created something extraordinary.

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