Criminal Lawyers in Georgia are Highly Qualified to Challenge a Wrongful Conviction

Imagine being accused of something you haven’t done and imagine standing in front of the judge listening to a sentence that does not make any sense. There are criminal lawyers in Georgia who are highly qualified to reverse the trial process or challenge the conviction. They use a simple process, which is highly effective in exonerating the convict or getting them out in bail.

Most of the criminal lawyers will appeal for a new trial. A new trial can be granted by convincing the judge that he or she made a legal error during the hearing, or by showing the judge that the first lawyer was constitutionally ineffective.

Even if the new trial isn’t given, the hearing can be used in favor of the convict to build a case. That hearing can be used to develop evidence that will help convince the appellate court to reverse the conviction and release the person from jail.

Sometimes you can appeal to the Court of Appeals as well as to the Supreme Court. If the lawyer can convince the judge that there is insufficient evidence to support the conviction, the accused is released from prison. Moreover, he/ she can’t be charged with the crime again because there has been insufficient evidence.

In some cases, when the direct appeal doesn’t work, the appeals lawyer Georgia can file the habeas petition. A habeas petition is presented in a different court, before a different judge. Moreover, The petition is registered based on constitutional errors like ineffective assistance of counsel. It is also a tool used by criminal lawyers to help their clients.

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